Photorealistic 3D architectural visualization of riverside residence with forested slopes, horse rider and a river in the foreground in foggy atmosphere
Visualization portfolio - interior 3D rendering of a living room in a bungalow style with woven straw feature lights, raw wooden finish and flax – upholstered furniture
3D exterior visual of twin residential skyscrapers surrounded by lush forests and busy highway during dusk - visualization portfolio by Lunas company
3D exterior rendering of a grey-paneled summer house on the hillside with a covered terrace, surrounded by trees, visualized during a stormy weather - visualization portfolio by Lunas studio
Photorealistic 3D exterior render of a skyscraper adjacent to the historic building at it’s base in the evening hours with Toronto’s CN tower visible in the background
3D architectural visualization of a small residential house with a living area visible through the glass façade: petite dining room with feature pendant light descending from the rooftop, living room with a fireplace and TV area, second floor combined bedroom and study separated from the opening in the floor by a glass partition
3D architectural rendering from portfolio by Lunas studio - visualization of minimalistic residential house on a slope, trimmed with wooden panels and floor-to-ceiling glazing, situated in the foggy forest.
Lunas studio portfolio includes exterior 3D rendering of a Toronto skyscraper in Canada, flanked with historic buildings, visualized from eye level with pedestrians crossing the street in the view
3D exterior visualization of red brick residential complex in a sporting village with parking lot and surrounded by pine forest
Close-up visualization of hanging chair positioned in minimalistic-style interior next to the window looking out on forest
High-end architectural 3D rendering portfolio of cut-edge skyscraper project in Toronto city, Canada, context visualized from street level
Tailor-made 3D interior visualization of a luxurious hotel lounge with vintage chandeliers, designer palm-shaped pendant lights, leather and suede Baxter furniture, Mike Dargas' "Golden Thoughts" oil painting, patinated wood moldings
3D visualization portfolio by Lunas company - architectural render of residential block neighboring on a business quarter from pedestrian’s point of view, encompassing café visualization along with apartment blocks on the foreground and newly built skyscrapers in the background
High-end 3D interior render of a New York, USA, loft encompassing its dining and living rooms, divided by a blackened steel staircase going out on the roof, with furniture in marble and wood and black kitchen design.
Photorealistic exterior 3D rendering of a step-like structured apartment block in Toronto in the evening light with residential activity in the flats and out on the balconies with CN tower and it’s neighborhood on the background
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