Representing 3D Project Managers Team in Dubai

We continue our post series about our extraordinary team, and today we would like to dwell on Katerina Suprun – project manager and concurrently our representative in the UAE. Her path to the sphere of 3D, observations on job challenges and 3D visualization intricacies in Dubai – in the interview below!

Photograph of 3D visualization projects manager Katerina Suprun in United Arab Emirates and Dubai

Project Manager Katerina Suprun

Katerina’s profile:

  • Age: 26
  • Education: Minsk Linguistic University, Faculty of Intercultural Communications
  • Motto in life: Never be afraid of failure; never stay within the limits of what you already know
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Hobby: Singing and music
  • Song: Rather the band and the performer. Linkin Park and their leader Chester Bennington
  • Book: Charlotte Bronte «Jane Eyre»
  • Movies: films by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie
  • Architect or 3D artist: Stefan Morrell and Jan Reeh
  • Dream: Traveling the world and visiting the places that have not seen before

The beginning of the road to 3D visualization

  • How did you join Lunas?
  • I came here a year ago. When I was invited for an interview, I didn’t have a clue of what 3D visualization is, but I became pretty curious. I was briefly explained what the company’s main activity is, shown some examples of architectural and product visualization, told that there is a team of 3D artists that needs managers with a knowledge of various foreign languages.

  • Wasn’t it terrifying to enter a totally unknown to you back then 3D visualization field?
  • Not at all, how can it be? I had been considering this position for a week or so, then came to a conclusion that it would be great to follow an unconventional direction such as 3D rendering and get to know the field better, so I agreed.

    Exterior and interior 3D rendering portfolio by Lunas Company

    Printed portfolio by Lunas Visualization Studio

  • Did you adapt quickly?
  • In the beginning, there was a lot of puzzling moments: architectural terms, the stages of creating 3D renders themselves, but with each following visual it becomes easier, though even now there’s a need to clarify some aspects with our CG team. But in general it was not difficult – rather interesting, this state of constant development.

    3D Rendering Project Manager: qualities you need

  • Name professional qualities of a project manager that are most important in your opinion
  • If I had to choose one, that would definitely be communication skills. Also I can’t but mention punctuality and responsibility, as some challenging projects require your participation 24/7.

    Photorealistic interior and furniture 3D rendering by project manager Katerina Suprun in United Arab Emirates

    3D furniture and interior visualization project run by Katerina

  • What are the main complexities of a project manager’s job?
  • As I am an intermediary between the client and our 3D artists, I have to prevent all the misunderstanding. Quite often you have to comply with urgency and deliver the work very quickly, so you need to compile the terms of reference along with the client in order to optimize the process. Apart from that, translating clients’ markups can take up a lot of your time. Nevertheless, it is so inspiring to communicate in different languages with customers scattered in all time zones from Melbourne to Vancouver! Such a wide geography of customers overwhelms me!

  • What do you particularly like about your job and what fits your character best?
  • I am a very sociable person. I love what I do because of the opportunity to communicate with various people. Also, being a linguist and a specialist in intercultural communications, I very much appreciate that here I can practice the language, learn new things. Architectural rendering field amazes me, and I enjoy being around our managers and CG artists, as everyone here is very open- minded and helpful. Furthermore, I can sincerely say that 3D visualization inspires me – it’s truly unbelievable what a mutual effort can do.

    3D Visualization Services in the Arab Emirates: new challenges

  • How did your tasks change when you came to the Emirates?
  • It’s a great honor for me to represent our 3D visualization company in Dubai. Our potential clients are interested in what we do, and it’s a true pleasure to offer them high-quality product. In general, the pace of life in the Emirates for some reason seems very sedate. As I don’t come to the office every day like I used to, I manage projects and translate clients’ markups to our team from home and basically everywhere I have Internet connection. The main difference is that here I also meet with our potential clients in person and I think it’s wonderful, as getting to know each other allows you to find an approach and understand the client’s needs better. I present them our portfolio, demonstrate our virtual tours and 3D panoramas, tell about the advantages of our architectural 3D visualization, product renderings, 3D animation. And of course I enjoy the warmth, the sun and the fruits!

  • Is 3D visualization in demand in the Emirates?
  • Of course it is, I have never seen so many to-be-built constructions like here. I am now living in the oldest district, in the “old town”, as we would say, but even here, something is being built all the time. Dubai is growing rapidly and that’s the reason why 3D visualization services here are in much greater demand than anywhere else. Winning a construction tender here is a rare success, and so our 3D rendering services are of immense help.

  • As a manager, which projects do you like to be occupied with most?
  • 3D interior visualization or 3D exterior rendering projects – it does not matter… Big ones! Sincerely, I would like to deal more with 3D animation. Not so long ago, our CG team has mastered Unreal Engine. This is a brand-new level our company has entered, and I hope that animation based on Unreal Engine will be popular among our customers.

  • What did you learn so far working at Lunas?
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. I guess any activity is hugely dependent on who you do it with. I still have a lot to learn in 3D visualization, but it inspires further self-development.

    High-end visualization of interior and furniture managed by Katerina in Dubai

    3D furniture rendering project run by Katerina Suprun

  • Favorite project?
  • I love my work in general. The most remarkable project I can think about was the one we worked for the longest time – highly detailed furniture renderings. Now we are working on another grand project which is being carried out by 4 artists at the same time.

  • Favorite architect or 3D artist?
  • Bertrand Benoit is a great CG artist, Alex Roman – I know he inspired many to a more artistic presentation of architecture.

  • Where would you like to live?
  • In a warm country, Spain, for example. I really liked Barcelona: the city is charming and people are just wonderful.

  • A funny story that happened to you at work?
  • There are lots of them, happen almost every day! The most memorable moments are, of course, when we are gathering with the whole team to celebrate birthdays or at corporate parties playing paint ball, laser tag, solving various quests. Our team is very fond of active leisure, and it’s great – it’s always fun, and these moments linger in your memory for a long time!