Lunas Tips on How to Be Your Best Remote Self

Remote workers unite!

Being in that same hoodie, having your fridge literally within your arm’s reach and enjoying that unbelievably warm April weather from the inside can be a bit overwhelming. However, we are here to share with you some tips that can boost your WFH experience and help you fend off the mopes.
Grab a snack and let’s dive in!

Stay safe and informed!

It goes without saying that we should be on guard and follow all preventive recommendations, but we need to resist the temptation of news binge watching as it doesn’t contribute to the positive attitude at all.
Make sure to set up a safe place of yours and don’t go overboard!

CG artist Sergey in a mask and protective gloves with a cup of tea staying at home

Don’t push yourself too hard like our CG artist Sergey

CG artist Nastya drinking wine

Do it right – follow our CG artist Nastya’s example

“My powerful computer was brought to me from the office upon first request and it was the fastest delivery in my life!”

Pick up your home office outfit

Wearing pajamas can be a perk for some, but a failure strategy for others!
Don’t give in to comfy jammies or sweatpants, especially if you’re formally dressed at work. Stick to your usual office outfit to set the right work-facilitating attitude.

CG artist Nikita working from home

Learn from our CG artist Nikita! He nailed it!

Dima Shuganov with cat and a snicker

Our CG artist Dima (a well-known sneakerhead) is finally happy to wear all his “premium whites” without usual spring mud hazard

“My pet is happy that I spend more time at home.”

Chara schnauzer dog in Lunas t-shirt

Don’t forget about your newly recruited furry team member

Recruit your pet to assist you!

That’s not a joke! Make the most of your furry companions. Their cute looks and anti-stress capabilities can breathe new life into your working routine! Just make sure your home office is pet-proof enough to succeed :) Purr.

Dogs at work place

Woof-woof everyone!

Managers and cats working from home

Purrfect working setting

P.S. And don’t stress if your pet unexpectedly shows up during your conference call – everybody needs a happy fluffy snout these trying times.

“I love homemade food, but for a long time I did not have enough time and energy to pack up and start cooking by myself, now I always have access to my lovely kitchen”

Enjoy these rare moments of people-free environment

Now you can listen to music headphones off, dance in-between the rendering process or even sing out of tune – no one’s there to judge.

Spread Out

We are sincerely happy for those who are not alone in these trying times – it’s a good time to devote more time to your family and loved ones. Still, it’s crucial to set up your boundaries and mimic the working conditions by intentionally planning “together time” (meals, watching movies) and “separate time” in separate rooms, if possible (working, reading, learning).

Mitya working from isolation

Our CG artist Mitya has an evil plan of cloning himself to make time for all his favorite activities

“I was always curious how it’s like to work from home, it had such a romantic aura, but the first week of doing so has become quite a challenge. Now I have adjusted and arranged everything, but I realized that as soon as quarantine is over I will be happy to return to my favorite cozy office”

Set up an office space of yours

Culminating from the previous point – it’s above essential to dedicate a corner to become your fortress from distractibility and your inmates as well :)
It can be of quite a small size, but completely yours. Hold out until the end!

Veronika working from home during coronavirus

Our Office Manager Veronika struggling to put an end to her small home office invasion!

Dmitriy Yancevich's desktop computer

Strive towards perfection like our CG artist Dmitriy Yancevich

Don’t forget to keep in touch with the world. With style

Video-conferencing has never been more “in” than now, and it’s understandable – we still like to enjoy face-to-face communication and mimic actual human interactions, that’s why we love such apps as Zoom, GoogleMeet, Houseparty, etc.
Pro-tip : If you are in team “Zoom” and want to make your video-conference experience more enjoyable – make the most of the backgrounds provided like our CBDO Maria did. That will definitely help you activate the out-of-the-box button and build a new-level relationship with your colleagues.
Check out the best ones by the link.

Mariya on screen busy with documents

“I love my job, but I take against the commute, now the problem is solved and I just love my work”

Stay calm – stay cool!

Isolation may seem a blessing for some and a necessary evil for others. Keep your mind off this – just cool off and work on your remote style like our Chief Technical Officer Max.

Maxim working alone from office

“I already imagine how everybody will return to office and we will definitely celebrate it.”

Be on the positive side!

For now, the best thing you can do for yourself and your folks is to be supportive and look on the positive side of the experience! Don’t underestimate the power of a smile :)

Slava at home

Our Chief Executive Officer Slava is sending you smiling vibes!

Stay safe and be your best remote self!