How 3D Architectural Visualization Artists Work in Team

Personal profile of Dmitriy Yancevich

cg artist dmitriy yancevich interview portrait

CG artists team leader Dmitriy Yancevich

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Education: Belarusian National Technical University, architect
  • Life motto: Regardless of the job you perform, always do your best
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Hobby: Sport, reading – the common stuff. I don’t have much spare time
  • Dima, how did you join Lunas?
  • – It doesn’t matter how I got in, I’m here – and that’s what matters. Max Lykasov and I used to work together in an architectural firm. Later Max decided to focus on 3D visualization and co-founded Lunas rendering studio and invited me to collaborate.

  • >What do you like about your job?
  • – I like being in the company, what’s more, it is essential to be surrounded by people with good sense of humor as it makes the process more enjoyable. It never gets boring around here, we have it all – there’s a technical side like digging architectural plans and drawings, and there’s plenty of room for creativity as well. I particularly enjoy when a client puzzles us with a complicated task that requires intricate solution. 3ds Max, our main software, has a great variety of tools which offer plenty ways-out from any situation. So you don’t have to stick to something common, there’s always a chance to do it in your own way. That’s what large-scale projects are good for – they spur development, they challenge you to think and not simply perform the technical task. But you should always watch out for deadlines hanging like the sword of Damocles above your head.

    Architectural 3D render of an apartment building by CG artist Dmitriy Yancevich

    3D exterior rendering work from Dmitriy’s portfolio

  • How do you deal with deadlines?
  • – Rather optimistically – on the one hand, it surely is a great trial for your nervous system – a state of constant stress. But on the other hand, tight schedule motivates you to work fast and efficiently, which is of a great importance to the true professional.

  • Currently you perform as a team-leader of CG department, how your works differs from that of other artists?
  • – I don’t really like being called supervisor that much! My job is not of huge difference to that of other CG artists here. For sure, sometimes I can guide them through certain aspects, check the final product, but I create just as well as they do. I’m an architect and 3D artist above all. The majority of architecture students study 3D visualization as one of core tools of image presentation, though it’s rather obvious, that with time architectural visualization has become a more narrow field of study. CG artist’s work is not as easy as it seems.

  • What is the main advantage of visualizer’s job ?
  • – The opportunity to model and masterfully represent almost anything that comes to mind. A CG artist has even more possibilities to present his works in an interesting way than the conventional artist: he can play with aspect views, adjust lighting, go one step back. Regardless of how similar the jobs may seem, there is a great gap between common artists and 3D artists.

  • You obviously know those jokes about soft science guys versus tech-savvy guys. Which group would you ascribe visualizers to?
  • – Well, I would say that CG artists stand somewhere in the middle, as it’s not maths, but not pure art either».

  • What is your secret of professional success?
  • – Of all the 3D artists at Lunas Visualization about 80 % have an architectural degree. My university gave me basic education in 3D graphics, though it’s not enough to become a good CG artist. In the sphere of architectural visualization almost everyone is self-taught. Luckily, there’s an abundance of various information: blogs, videos, tutorials – for start it only takes to have a desire to learn and perfect yourself. Basically, you can dive into the world of 3D out of any sphere, if you have passion and artistic talent. The reсipe for success is simple, but to make it you have to be a metahuman. Ideally, you have to study 3ds Max all day long, then return home and go on.

  • What you dream of?
  • – I’m a realist – I just live.

    3d interior rendering of apartment in New York City by CG artist Dmitriy Yancevich

    3D interior rendering work from Dmitriy’s portfolio

  • Favorite project
  • – I prefer visualization of exteriors where you can showcase the scale of the project. As for the project I liked the most, I am just like other artists: after some time you always want to tweak it more, make it even better. But if I had to choose just one, it would be the in Toronto I collaborated with Max Lykasov. Of all the interior projects I guess of a New York City loft.

  • Favorite architect or 3D artist
  • – Nowadays it’s extremely hard to single somebody out as the overall quality of visuals has grown and leveled off. There are some indisputable leaders that are looked up to, even among Belarusians there are many world-class professionals and that is rather inspiring.

  • Favorite song
  • – I listen to many foreign musicians. At work its mostly some instrumental non-distracting music that helps to concentrate on the tasks.

  • Favorite book
  • – I love biographies: «Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!» or «Henry Ford. My life, my work». I also enjoyed the book by Ayn Rand «Atlas Shrugged». But what I don’t like is audio-books – I have this discomfort when there is an unfamiliar voice in your head reading and making pauses in wrong spots.

  • Favorite movie
  • – I rather prefer TV series: «Broen», «House of Cards», «The Night Of». With each episode pleasure is guaranteed, while you can never guess whether the movie will be great or a waste of time.

  • Where would you like to live?
  • – Denmark, Sweden. I prefer cold Scandinavian climate.

  • A funny story happened in the office
  • – I can’t single out a particular story, but sometimes we can leave small «Easter eggs» on the renders: some inscriptions, funny scenes with people or animals. I hope that even if the client finds such moments, it only amuses them.