3D Visualization Has Become My Professional Hobby

Hi friends! We are overwhelmed by the launch of posts series about our Lunas team. Each of us will answer tricky questions, share his vision and lifestory. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it ?

portrait of 3D visualization artist Vasily Gushcha

3D artist Vasily Gushcha

The first post is dedicated to Vasily Gushcha, our ingenious 3D visualization expert, who has become one of our very first employees. We discussed his profession and hobbies, travels, future of 3D visualization, his recipe for success and the pointlessness of correcting one’s old renderings.

Vasily’s profile:

  • Age: 22
  • Education: Minsk Architectural College; Belarusian National Technical University, architect
  • Motto in life: Be honest with yourself
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Music: Radiohead
  • Writer: Dostoevsky
  • Movies: «The Revenant», films by Alejandro González Iñárritu

  • Vasya, how did you join Lunas?

  • – Someone from the architectural college I studied in recommended me to Slava (CEO of Lunas) knowing that I’m fond of 3D. At that time, I was thinking of becoming a freelancer and rejected the thought of working for any company, nevertheless I agreed to a job interview. It took place in a café called “Angels”, as at the very beginning the company did not have an office yet. Actually, that’s how I became the first employee of Lunas, and for a couple of months I was the only one besides the founders.

  • What did you want to become?

  • – I’ve always dreamed of becoming an architect, but during my studies I discovered 3ds Max and got totally immersed in it. Even if initially visualization was a tool for presenting architectural projects, today it is the basis of my profession.

  • What 3D projects do you enjoy most?

  • – Paradoxically, even though I’m an architect by education, I prefer working on interiors. In an interior it is much easier to achieve a more photorealistic effect, while exterior visualization requires thorough attention to each detail. But it does not mean that I avoid complicated tasks!

    3D interior visualization of kitchen with large front windows and tables by CG artist Vasily Gushcha

    3D interior rendering by Vasily Gushcha

    Unconventional things always encourage you to think differently. When you are making a bird-eye view of a residential complex in daylight for the 101st time, it doesn’t promote your growth. But challenging situations undoubtedly help to develop: for example, to show a different view angle of the building when you are dealing with photo-insertion and have only one image in hand. And still you have to, – Vasya laughs.

  • What is the beauty of the 3D visualizer’s endeavors?

  • – As a CG artist you are free artistically and technically: the photographer is limited by camera’s capabilities, an ordinary artist has no right to make mistakes and must immediately convey the slightest details of the scene and composition. CG artists’ possibilities here are infinite. However, having lots of opportunities, you should always maintain the right balance of visual effects and not lose the object in them.

  • The painter often returns to his canvas to correct something over and over. Do you have such a desire?

  • – In my opinion, it’s better not to return to completed projects. No doubt that every day the artist is growing and becoming more skilled and is better able to see his own mistakes. Still it is much more efficient to observe your progress than correct past renders on and on.

  • Speaking of progress, where do you see 3D visualization in 20 years?

  • – I think in 20 years the demand for computer generated images will have grown significantly, but only the creative part of the process will remain, while the computers will fully take over the technical side. A man would just have to be creative and have a clear vision of the project. Actually, these are the components that allow a talented person to switch to 3D from any field.

    3D interior rendering grey kitchen with lamps and utensils by CG designer Vasily Gushcha

    Kitchen interior 3D rendering by CG artist Vasily Gushcha

  • What recipe for success can you offer?

  • – My recipe is simple one. It is not only constant self-development, but also the cultivation of certain qualities. For a businessman, the secret of prosperity lies in the ability to sell anything and having some kind of a “gut feeling”. For an employee, qualities such as honesty, assiduity and punctuality are most important. If we talk about the qualities of a visualizer, the ratio would be: 30% – experience, 30% – observation skills, 40% – creativity.

  • Do you see yourself in 3D visualization industry in 5 years?

  • – Of course! But I would like to focus more on the Unreal Engine, to navigate inside virtual architectural space – much like in a computer game. I really like the interactivity it allows, so I would like to concentrate on creating 3D tours that can be viewed using virtual reality glasses.

  • Your Hobby?

  • – 3D visualization which became my profession. This is not so good, I guess. Your hobby should differ from your business, so that you can release your energy in some other way. But I must confess that I really love cooking, especially baking.

  • What are you dreaming about?

  • – Living in Sweden.

  • Favorite project?

  • – Small house in the Netherlands, this is one of my first projects. The first message I received from the client did not contain plans and materials, it was something like this: “Hi, I have my own music band, here is a link to our video. We want the same atmosphere for the rendering!”.

    3d exterior visualization of small house in Netherlands

    3D architectural rendering by Vasily Gushcha

    I really like this open, creative approach. The project was a pleasure to work on, it left a very good impression.

  • Favorite architect or 3D artist?

  • – Bertrand Benoit is a great CG artist, Alex Roman – I know he inspired many to a more artistic presentation of architecture.

  • Where would you like to live?

  • – Sweden. I like the mentality of the Swedes, I feel spiritually close to them – these people have very warm hearts, no matter how cold they might seem on the outside. The architectural style of Sweden is yet another marvel – it’s the first thing I notice when I come to new places. Only after having examined the architecture I begin the usual touristic stuff: taking photographs, which I can later use in my projects, tasting local food to preserve the flavors of the places in my memory.

  • A funny story that happened to you at work?

  • – We have so many fun situations every day that I cannot recall a particular one. In general, I like to consider myself an optimist, that’s why any situation that someone might view as complicated, I see as interesting and entertaining.