Artistic visualization of exhibition «The Water» by Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi in Cisternerne Art Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

Visualization of «The Water» Exhibition in Cisternerne Art Space

3D renders inspired by a former Dutch water reservoir built in 1856-1859 and the underground art hall Cisternerne. Each year the gallery hosts the new architect and is transformed into a unique art piece, which is more of a space rethinking, rather than an exhibition. The installation which underlies this 3D visualization is called «The Water» by a well-known Japanese

Photorealistic house 3D rendering on a chilly winter morning with a dog warming himself on the porch

Family house near the lake visualization

There’s more than meets the eye, when we are talking about the house 3D rendering. Many talk about the accurate architectural concept presentation, disregarding all the key elements to an appealing and convincing outdoor visualization of a building. First and most important is the construction itself. This is the linchpin of an exterior 3D rendering – therefore the model of

Our 3D visualization studio creates high-quality renderings of skyscrapers and contemporary design towers for architectures and construction companies in USA, Canada, Europe, Arabian Emirates, Japan and Australia

Modern Design Queen Tower Skyscraper Rendering, Toronto

An impeccable exterior rendering of Queen Tower skyscraper in the heart of Toronto city portrayed in the early evening lights reveals the hidden tenderness of the massive high-rise concrete design and its neighboring buildings also fully recreated in 3D. But city haste leaves no place for a random passer-by to stop and stare. In that very time of day myriads

Lunas Visualization studio provides high-end 3D interior rendering services of apartments for design studios, real estate agents and construction companies in Melbourne, Australia

Comfortable Bedroom Rendering and VR Tour, Melbourne, Australia

Bedroom is one’s personal space to recover after a long day, meditate and self-reflect. Thus, it should be a place where one feels most comfortable. Serenity, inner peace, mindfulness — the very states we tried to convey in our new bedroom 3D rendering still images and cinematic virtual tour. Crumpled fresh bedding, soft suede bedhead, alluring smoke artwork, kinked slender

Our visualization company offers architectural animation and 3D visualization of commercial office buildings, residential blocks and other real estate objects in New York, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, London, UAE

The Tallest Skyscraper Architectural 3D Animation

The Tallest Skyscraper Architectural 3D Animation 3D animation video of a mind-blowing 1300 meters high skyscraper design that is like a rocket ship about to cut through the city skyline and launch into the endless space. Bold, elegant, dynamic yet still a state-of-the-art architectural concept ready to be developed in any place of the world – be it UAE, Hong

Lunas visualization studio creates stunning 3D renders of residential complex and villages with apartment blocks and multi-apartment residence in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany

Exterior Rendering of Multi-apartment Residence in Odeillo Ski Resort, France

This exterior rendering of a multi-apartment residence for Agence Archiconcept as captured from a foothill opens a perfect view to a ski resort village in Odeillo (Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, France) consisting of tapered wooden pods. The viewer is able to marvel at both the peculiar neighborhood and its wild surroundings – a perfect place to reunite with nature. Beautiful sunlight fills the

Our professional CG artists provide photorealistic architectural 3D rendering solutions for designers, architects and construction companies in Toronto and all over Canada

Architectural Visualization of Expo City Tower 5 in Toronto, Canada

The step-like structure of the Expo City Tower in Toronto, Canada, is best highlighted when viewed and visualized from the eye level. Peculiar details such as Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dog breath life into the glass pod at the base of the tower. Evening lights beaming through trees warm up the 3D render of the high-rise building and fill it with

3D architectural visualization and exterior rendering of civil buildings and business centers in France by Lunas studio

Architectural 3D Rendering of Business Center in Beziers, France

Architectural 3D rendering of a business center in the historical part of Beziers town (Languedoc, France) is of the cases when a fully modeled building is skillfully integrated in the existing surroundings in such a delicate way, that it seems like it has always been there.

Lunas 3D visualization studio offers photorealistic architectural and interior 3D rendering solutions in USA and Canada

Exterior 3D Visualization of Townhouse in Dusty Lane, Georgia

A tickling smell of autumn air filling your lungs, the sun warming up the branches of the trees, leaves dancing in the air on their way down to a big rusty rug under your feet – even such ethereal moments can be conveyed in works of our CG artists. The building itself is surely in the center of attention, but

High quality photorealistic 3D visualization of YS Tower in Toronto, street-level exterior visualization of the building and the neighborhood

Architectural rendering of YS Tower in Toronto

Architectural 3D rendering of the project YS Tower by Toronto based Quadrangle design studio. Our team has visualized in 3D not only the project of the new building, but also the entire neighborhood.

Photorealistic architectural rendering of a residential brick building with people standing on terraces and balconies in the evening light

Visualization of Residential Brick Building in Toronto

3D image of a residential building by Quadrangle Architects situated in Saint Clair Avenue in Toronto. Apart from the exteriors, we partially refined interiors, terraces, and balconies. A lot of time was devoted to the look of materials, in particular to the bricks. During the visualization process, we tried out several options of saturation, hue and color to achieve the

3D-architectural-visualization-skyscraper-dusk- Front-Street-West Night-view-preview

Architectural Rendering of Skyscraper Project in Toronto

This series of 3D renderings was produced to support Quadrangle Architects in a challenging task to design a contemporary building that neighbors on a historic one. The team of architects came up with a sophisticated skyscraper design project. We elaborated and proposed several options of exterior finishing to the client. Final 3D renders feature a design solution that laconically blends

3D exterior render of Lorne office building in Toronto, Canada with passengers on the street

Architectural Visualization of Lorne Building in Toronto

Photorealistic architectural visualization of an 11-floor office building in Adelaide West Street, Toronto. Lorne Building exteriors and interiors are thoroughly modeled in 3D together with the entire surroundings. The task was completed in 10 days.

Photorealistic 3D architectural visualization of Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto, aerial view of the complex of urban buildings

3d Architectural Visualization of Westin Prince Hotel Complex

3D architectural visualization of a large-scale project of Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. Our task was to show how a complex of modern buildings designed by our client Quadrangle would look like in real life. In two weeks’ time, photorealistic renders were completed to display that the new urban complex with a residential high-rise as a landmark fits in organically


Conceptual 3D Visualization Proposal for CN Tower in Toronto

3D visualization of a conceptual proposal by Quadrangle Architects. The idea of Toronto-based architectural studio is to turn the city’s landmark CN Tower into a residential high-rise covered with wooden pods. Our photorealistic images illustrate the concept of reinvigorating the tower with condominiums, in an excellent location with unparalleled views, while maintaining the building’s existing functions.

Photorealistic visualization of residential condominium in Paris, 3D exterior render of the front elevation with people, cars, and bicycle parking

Exterior House Rendering of Hermes Condominium in Paris

Exterior house rendering of a residential building in Paris designed by architectural studio Razavi. The client had a clear vision of the final visual product, so our team ensured that the material selection looked naturally in the produced 3D images and, at the same time, emphasized simple yet stylish design of the condominium.