Artistic visualization of exhibition «The Water» by Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi in Cisternerne Art Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

Visualization of «The Water» Exhibition in Cisternerne Art Space

3D renders inspired by a former Dutch water reservoir built in 1856-1859 and the underground art hall Cisternerne. Each year the gallery hosts the new architect and is transformed into a unique art piece, which is more of a space rethinking, rather than an exhibition. The installation which underlies this 3D visualization is called «The Water» by a well-known Japanese

Lunas Visualization studio provides high-end 3D interior rendering services of apartments for design studios, real estate agents and construction companies in Melbourne, Australia

Comfortable Bedroom Rendering and VR Tour, Melbourne, Australia

Bedroom is one’s personal space to recover after a long day, meditate and self-reflect. Thus, it should be a place where one feels most comfortable. Serenity, inner peace, mindfulness — the very states we tried to convey in our new bedroom 3D rendering still images and cinematic virtual tour. Crumpled fresh bedding, soft suede bedhead, alluring smoke artwork, kinked slender

Skilled CG artists of our visualization studio creat photorealistic renders of buildings for construction companies and real estate in New York City, USA

3D Rendering of Apartment Building in New York City

3D rendering of intricate exterior shapes is among favorite tasks of our CG artists. This New York City apartment building comprises multiple differently positioned pods. Even the tiniest details such as reflections of clouds in floor-to-ceiling windows brighten the 3D visual making the construction itself more lightweight.

3D interior visualization of a loft great room consisting in living room, dining room and kitchen area divided by a staircase to the rooftop featuring light and dark finishes.

Interior visualization of New York loft

High-quality 3D images show the interior of a single-storey apartment in New York designed by Brooklyn studio DJDS. The loft contains an open-plan dining room, living area, and kitchen divided by a hanging staircase to the rooftop. The object of particular focus of CG artists was the look of contrasting finishes, warm brass hints, and a unique veining of a feature

Architectural Visualization of a «Rusty Moss» carpet and designer furniture in hotel lounge setting

3D Lounge Design Concept with Baxter Furniture

3D interior project by architect Jenya Lykasova for a hotel lounge. The materials that contributed to mysterious vibes of the lounge are leather, suede, wood and brass. All the furniture used in the interior is Baxter. During the 3D visualization process we paid special attention to peculiar finishing of a tailor-made carpet resembling rusty moss and patinated wood moldings. On

Stalinka. Photorealistic interior 3D render of living room with a couch and a small stand to the left and a TV console to the right

3D Rendering of Studio Apartment in Stalinka Building

Photorealistic renders of a studio designed by architect Tatyana Shishkina and located in a 1950s Stalinka apartment that housed the Soviet elite. We produced the 3D images that demonstrate its defining characteristic – sense of space, enormous size featuring high ceilings of up to 3.8 meters, wide window sills, and thick walls. The quite compact apartment comprises a number of ergonomically


3D Visualization of Suburban House Near Saint Petersburg

3D visualization of interiors of a house in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. Architect Jenya Lykasova designed a modern interior with hints of a classic style. Our photorealistic renders feature all that constitutes this balanced interior concept. Laconic forms and minimalist style accompanied by classic elements of décor, brickwork, and bright color accents.

Photorealistic interior render of a bar with metallic chairs placed between the sofa and the window

Visualization of Loft-Style Interior Design Concept

3D photorealistic images of an interior project by architect Jenya Lykasova designed for a young couple. We produced a series of 3D renders demonstrating an idea of turning an ordinary small-sized flat in a panel building into a spacious loft-like apartment. To achieve the desired interior look and visually increase the space, there were used decorative mirrors together with loft-style

Photorealistic top-view visualization of dining, cooking and washing areas in the kitchen

3D Interior Visualization of Small Kitchen

3D renders of an interior project designed by architect Jenya Lykasova. After the redesigning, a compact kitchen of 6 square meters contains more space for storage and dining areas. The kitchen sink shifted next to the window that offers a great view over a green area. While producing this set of photorealistic images, we particularly focused on the contrast color


Interior Visualization Concept of Loft-Style Concrete Kitchen

Photorealistic visualization of an ergonomic solution to an elongated concrete kitchen proposed by architect Jenya Lykasova. We demonstrated in 3D how the interior replanning and good use of mirrors expanded the kitchen area. The photorealistic renders we produced focus on a rough plaster finish on the walls, contrasting colors that add depth to the room, wooden furniture and utensils.


3D Interior Renders of Modern Apartment

Photorealistic 3D images produced for a modern interior project by architect Jenya Lykasova. The task was to show how the design solutions visually changed the geometry of space and created a cozy environment. Vertical lines of furniture, doors and partitions helped to increase the space in both directions. The use of mirrors and a light warm color palette made the

3D interior rendering of a workspace with desks, chairs, computers, stationery, and reading lights

3D Interior Rendering of Factory Workshop Concept

3D interior renders demonstrate a project of a 200 square meter workshop in a factory of advanced medical X-ray equipment. We visualized in 3D the interior concept of the workshop in an industrial building under construction. The task was urgent, and we completed it in 3 days.