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Yacht 3D Rendering and Boat Animation Services

Lunas studio has proven to be a reliable provider of architectural visualization solutions worldwide and is expanding its area of expertise by creating hi-end tailor-made 3D yacht rendering, boat animation and virtual reality tours. Our skilled team of CG artists is always ready to assist maritime industry, yacht interior designers, shipyards, marketing agencies, boat furniture manufacturers on their quest for portraying their brand in the most favorable light by forming an unbreakable emotional bond with the client.

A luxurious yacht is a mean of transportation and recreation, often highly priced much like a posh car. Over the past decades, not only the size of boats but also their owners’ requests for comfort on board have increased: warm water, flush toilets or even simplified plotter navigation – these are just a few examples of achievements that ship holders in 70s and 80s did not even dare to think of.

For many people so far, a sailboat still remains a dream. Very few of those who can afford it, understand how much effort it takes to find «the one and only». Never before has the variety of holiday cruisers been as great as now. Thanks to the market professionalization, increased competition and individualization of needs, the range of yachts offered have also sky-rocketed.

The new classification of boat types such as one with a central cockpit, aft cockpit, performance cruiser yacht, luxury sport boat, daysailer is living proof of this. In ship construction, long-standing traditions and experience, as well as the «philosophy» of design, are highly valued. On boat manufacturing market, the main players are English, American, Italian and Dutch shipyards: Blue Print, Feadship, Royal Huisman, Falcon, Permare, De Valk, Seven Star, Azimut-Benetti, Ferretti Group, Sealine, Elan, Tarquin and others.

Our CGI studio offers high-end yacht and boat 3D rendering services along with animation and design
Lunas studio offers photo real yacht rendering services for maritime transportation and naval industry
Luxury yacht 3D visualization by Lunas boat rendering studio
Boat 3D rendering company LUNAS provides engineers, designers and customers with realistic still images and interactive VR tours of vessel concept and its design

Constructing a super yacht with a length of over 24 meters is a long, complex and demanding process, which experts even compare to the construction of a spacecraft or an airliner in terms of the number of parts used in the assembly. The volume of monthly processed data on large ships reaches dozens of terabytes today. For a comfortable interaction with the figures, a new efficient interface and the most persuasive imagery on the vessel market is wanted.

It is not surprising that the global boating and marine industry is gradually beginning to adopt advanced boat 3D rendering and animation novelties to life. This is the very moment when our yacht visualization studio comes to the rescue of brokers’ time and clients’ funds.

Realistic boat visualization, video animation or interactive VR tour quite accurately convey the layout and finishes, allowing one to go inside and appreciate every bit of extravagance and interior features. As distant online inspections are not always possible, VR tours help to organize a platform where engineers, designers and customers who are scattered all around the world can jointly develop and analyze the ship concept in a physically correct virtual environment of high realism.

Immersive virtual reality tour takes the viewer on board before the vessel is built. Interactive tools allow one to view the cruiser both on the outside and inside, moving in the desired direction, and analyzing layout and furnishing options.

By the way, such solutions may also underlie the vessel’s online manual. Yacht 3D visualization facilitates convenient step-by-step approval of the vessel, which improves work accuracy and reduces time-consumption due to faster decision-making. For shipyards or yacht design companies and prospective buyers of unique sailboats, it will be advantageous to see a complete yacht rendering while at the construction stage, without going into technical details. Compared to conventional sales of thin air, the realistic visual materials attract potential buyers by presenting appealing renders of what the client will eventually possess.

Speed Boat Sailing Animation

A photo realistic 3D speedboat animation in broad daylight cruising in circles, causing splashes in the dark ocean waters with the Moon reflection in the center. The video fully immerses you in the animation atmosphere and carefully investigate each detail of the future vessel along with its overall impression, leaving the viewer in disbelief and emotionally hooked on the much desired but still non-existing sailor.

Super Yacht 3D Animated Video

3D animated video tells the story of the peacefully wandering super yacht and its rich interior ready to introduce you to the vast of the ocean. All the details of the high-tech cockpit, luxuriously furnished interior, and lavish deck are deftly recreated by the means of state-of-the-art CG. The dusk vibes together with the posh on-deck dining area immensely contribute to romantic mood creating a feeling of tranquility. When we get inside the excitement continues to gain momentum due to the comfy furniture welcoming you to switch off. The boat is a real haven of peace and serenity away from the bustle of the city.

Accompanying 3D Visualization Services

Run multi-functional interactive 3D vehicle customization program to design a boat or a yacht of your dream

3D vehicle customization software to design boats and yachts to your taste

Accompany 3D boat renders with still images of the vessel interior – luxurious deck, comfortable cockpit and cabins

Accompany realistic boat and yacht 3D renders with still interior images of a deck, cabin or cabins

Demonstrate a speed boat in full motion and in real natural conditions with computer-generated animated videos

Speed boat in sea water video animation top view