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3D Visualization News from Lunas Studio

Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Reconnecting with Nature: The Inner Harmony Concept by Art Director of Lunas 3D Visualization Studio

In the midst of urban chaos, where the cacophony of city life drowns out the whispers of nature, Lunas Studio has embarked on a creative journey to bridge the disconnect between man and the natural …

Visual art trends 2023
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Visual Art Trends 2023

Architectural visualization has come a long way evolving from hand-drawn sketches to modern software solutions catering to any taste. Let’s dive into architectural visualization trends in 2023. AI software AI solutions have become one of …

LUNAS visualization studio gets Special Mention in 2023 Vision Winners Architizer A+Awards
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Special Mention for LUNAS in Architizer Vision Awards 2023

Showing your works to the world is an artist’s greatest joy. This is the same idea we applied to the 2023 Vision Awards organized by Architizer, an architecture media site, that connects designers with product …

Lunas 3D visualization studio digest in numbers and achievements
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas studio 2022 Digest

For Lunas studio 2022 has been another journey to new heights in the booming industry of 3D visualization and PropTech. With new encounters and challenges, familiar paths taking unexpected turns and the whole world around us …

Batimatech real estate and construction conference
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Real Estate Solutions at Montreal Innovation Construction Conference

The construction industry has been undergoing a major digital transformation for several years. While some companies are fully connected and rely heavily on technology to distinguish themselves in the sector, others are slow to undertake …

Thermoform Kitchen Cabinet Doors at The International Woodworking Fair
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Product Customizer for Thermoform Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The International Woodworking Fair hosted annually in Atlanta, Georgia is North America’s largest design trade show and a top destination for the global woodworking sector. IWF is the must-attend show for the carpentry industry that …

Lumen vs Ray Tracing: the right lighting technology for photorealistic renders with Unreal Engine 5
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lumen vs Ray Tracing: choosing lighting technology for photorealistic 3D renders

Lighting is often viewed as one of the most complex topics in 3D visualization yet it is undoubtedly the key factor to well-balanced and photo-realistic renderings. Whatever the nature of an architectural or interior project, …

Lunas 3D rendering studio is a finalist of the SBID International Design Awards
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas is Shortlisted CGI & Visualization Finalist for SBID Awards 2022

For the third year in a row, we are paying tribute to this prestigious international design contest to celebrate our accomplishments and those of our competitors in the CGI & Visualization category. This time around, …

Find out how 3D rendering company can participate in international real estate exhibition and benefit from it, the photo of LUNAS visualization studio booth at MIPIM 2022 trade show
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

How 3D visualization studios can partake in international real estate exhibitions

In 2022 Lunas 3D rendering studio has taken part in MIPIM real estate exhibition and at first we intended to focus on our experience there. However, having attended MIPIM before as well several other international …

Overview of Unreal Engine 5 plug-in
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Leveraging the Power of Unreal Engine 5 for Real-time Visualization

In the past year, Epic Games provided early access to Unreal Engine 5 – the next major evolution of Unreal Engine 4 which has already set a high bar for a wide range of industries …

Lunas studio celebrates its 6 anniversary
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas Studio Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

It’s this time of the year again! No, not the fast-approaching holidays, it’s Lunas’ Birthday! On the 7th of December, we have yet again celebrated the date our close-knit team of professionals and great friends …

Lunas studio wins Iconic Awards international competition
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas Wins ICONIC AWARDS International Architecture and Design Competition

There are plenty of specialized architectural 3D visualization and innovation competitions that we took part in over the years. Among our favorites are CG Architect, Architizer, SBID – we pride ourselves on being listed as …

SBID Awards 2021 finalist
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas Studio is SBID International Design Awards Finalist

Time flies! Especially the past couple of years feel like a few months, rather than thousands of days. We remember as if it was yesterday, how we applied for the previous SBID awards – full …

Lunas Visualization Company is Best Rendering Studio Finalist in A+Firm Awards Architizer 2020
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Best Rendering Studio Finalist in Architizer A+Firm Awards 2020

2020 is back! No worries – only with some news. And exciting ones we must admit! Just yesterday we received the uplifting message: from myriad of our close colleagues we have been selected Finalists of …

Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Lunas Visualization Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

High Five to the Moon and back! A small, yet important anniversary to celebrate — 5 years of Lunas Visualization studio! This list can be almost endless – we can add thousands of laughs on …

Lunas studio is a finalist in Architizer A+Awards architectural visualization competition with conceptual residential project
Lunas 3D Visualization Studio 3D News

Conceptual Residential Projects Finalist in Architizer A+Awards

Big cities – you can either love them or hate them, but you can’t stay indifferent to the whirlpool of colors, people, emotions, affairs. Lunas’ senior CG artists – Dima Yancevich and Dima Shuganov have …