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360 Real Estate Virtual Tours

360° panoramic tours are the new standard of marketing and showing real estate to potential buyers

The virtual reality technology allows effortless exploration of the property even if it is under construction and you are thousands of miles away. Real estate agents and developers that take advantage of VR tours gain more interest by giving the full control of the visit experience to the viewer. When property buyers are able to walk through the apartment at their own pace focusing on what they need from it, they are more likely to build emotional connection and lock the deal. 3D virtual property tours are a game changer and are already transforming the way the real estate industry functions.

Learn how LUNAS VR can transform your property business now!

LUNAS VR is a seamless 3D virtual reality tour created from multiple interconnected points offering panoramic views with a smooth game-like transition between them for a fully immersive viewer experience. We offer lightweight web-based architectural and interior VR tours similar to Matterport so that it is compatible with all possible devices. No powerful hardware or gaming computer necessary, just click the web link on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and explore the full potential of the future property.

LUNAS VR Features

LUNAS VR is equipped with an array of practical tools to make the viewer experience engaging and help market the property:

  • 3D floor plan for easy navigation – teleport to the desired location in one click
  • Several design concepts
  • Compare possible style and space planning options
  • Pop-up labels with interactive content – complement the tour with information about furniture pieces and other showcased items
  • Day/night mode – turn the lights on and off, explore the apartment in various lighting conditions
  • Interactive measuring tool – unsure whether your favorite couch will fit or not? Measure on the go!
  • HQ screenshot tool and walkthrough screen recording – capture the views you liked with a quick screenshot and record video as you walk through the space
  • Link access generator – invite other viewers to the project through a simple link or to a certain location of the project

Benefits of VR Technology for Interior & Exterior Real Estate Showcase

Immersive real estate virtual tours are an equally efficient asset for marketing both residential interiors and surrounding public areas, especially when the property isn’t constructed yet. Real estate agents can use the VR technology to enable clients get a clear look at what’s being offered. Fully staged lived-in interiors rather than empty spaces and fully navigable amenities efficiently tell the story of the property and help visitors associate it with their future home.

Using these icons you can also teleport to interior photos or 3D renderings or just one panoramic spot showing certain area. This can be applied to less important spaces while making the production easier and allowing you to reduce expenses.

The structure of panoramic tour is customizable to the needs of a particular project. For large-scale projects with a great number of locations, VR tour can be easily separated into sections with access via icons while ensuring delay-free transition between the scenes and maintaining integrity of the experience.

Panoramic 3D tours has already become a big thing, and it continues transforming many industries. If you want to stay updated on how your business can benefit from implementing this lightweight VR solution to your own website and enhance your property sales, reach out to us through the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions about LUNAS VR tours

What is the process of creating a 3D virtual tour?

At the initial stage we collect a detailed information package from the client and create a 3D model or proceed directly from the client’s 3D model. Then we approve all visual components (furniture arrangement, materials, finishes, colors) in separate 360 panoramas using a web viewer. Once the design concept is fully agreed upon, we pack everything into one seamless VR tour. That way we make sure all eventual changes are made beforehand, as further on they will present a significant volume of work to be applied to all the created panoramic points.

What is the typical timeline for wrapping up a VR tour?

The timeline for creating the panoramic tour depends on:

  • the complexity and scale of the project
  • the approval process with the client

After the design is agreed upon via panoramic points, it takes about 2-5 days to merge them all together and deliver the end result.

What is the principle for navigating through the spaces?

The navigation is simple and intuitive – click to move between spaces and you will smoothly transition to the desired location. Click the mouse to rotate the camera or use keyboard arrows to pan across. For instant teleportation from room to room or floor to floor, address the 3D floor plan and choose your point of interest.

Where is the virtual project stored and how it can be accessed?

LUNAS VR panoramic 3D tour is web-based and can be accessed via a simple web link that can also be integrated into the client’s website. The hosting period is one year free, then it can be extended for a fee.

Can I view the panoramic tour using VR glasses?

Yes, the 3D tour is also suitable to be shown in VR glasses directly from the browser.

Can I change the look of LUNAS VR interface / brand the application?

The interface and visual style can be fully tailored to the client’s corporate identity based on their brandbook.

How much does a real estate virtual tour cost?

Price estimation is available upon request and is based on the scope and complexity of your project.