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Interactive 3d configuration software for single-family housing

How does a client make a decision on buying a new house?

With your experience in single family housing sales, you have gained valuable insights into how clients choose their perfect homes. Some are drawn to a specific lifestyle or dream, carefully selecting homes based on factors such as climate, landscapes, mood, and community. Others are more pragmatic and consider practicalities such as distance to work, schools, hospitals, and shopping opportunities. And then there are those who place their trust in the reputation of the developer, seeking out their expert recommendations.

But one thing is common to all. Everybody wants to avoid mistakes and get the RIGHT house. They dream of convenience, safety, and comfort. But they rarely know in advance how many floors, windows, and bathrooms they need or where they want a swimming pool.

That is why the process of buying a house stretches out for months or even years. And your job is to do everything you can to help the client make the decision and seal the deal. Right?

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9 tips to help a client buy a house faster

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How to speed up the buying process?

For the past 7 years, we have been collaborating with developers from all over the world. Based on our understanding of your business needs, we have created L-HOUSE – an interactive 3D configuration software for single-family housing. This innovative tool will help you streamline your sales process and reduce the workload on your sales team.

With L-HOUSE, your client can visit their future house right from your office.

We present to you L-HOUSE

L-HOUSE allows you to see the future house in high resolution with maximum 3D photorealism

Most importantly: L-HOUSE impresses with its interactivity. The client will see and choose from dozens or hundreds of variations of exterior and interior design options, ultimately compiling the home of their dreams. They will leave your sales office with the feeling that they have just been to their future home, excited and ready to buy.

L-HOUSE Configurator Core Features

Here’s what  you and your client can do with the configurator.

They can choose their land plot out of available slots from a bird’s-eye view. They can see the plots in the center of or on the edge of the neighborhood, closer to the main road or to a nearby lake, while also taking into account the size and cost of the land.

At this stage, your client can compare and choose from a range of available house types that you’re offering, weighing in the different architecture, number of floors, bathrooms, bedrooms or entrances.

They can explore various options of facade and roof material, see their house from the main road or from the backyard, and have a taste of what it’ll feel like to approach their porch.

 They can virtually walk around the configured house, approach significant sights of the development, and imagine their future barbecues in the backyard.

And then they will be able to enter the house of their dreams. They will get to “try on” different wall colors, flooring and ceiling materials. They can also see how much sunlight will illuminate the house during the day.

They can furnish their living room or kitchen and envision the family gathering around the kitchen island for breakfast or enjoying leisurely conversations with friends over Bordeaux at the spacious dining table.

They can explore what their house will look like from dawn to dusk and in all seasons and see their garden and future backyard in 3, 5 or even 10 years.

See the development area and each house at any time of day – from early morning to dusk or midnight.

Extra L-HOUSE Advantages

Feeling inspired, the client will head back to their family to share everything they saw. And due to one of the features of L-HOUSE, they won’t leave empty-handed.

L-HOUSE is designed to engage prospective clients in the interactive process of choosing their individual homes in a lifelike digital reality that clearly demonstrates the benefits of future community development and thus simplifies the decision making process.

Clients holds a tablet with PDF presentation of his new real estate property on the screen

The client will get:

A PDF presentation listing all their choices

High-quality images and videos of their dream home

Happy couple looks into the display with home presentation

The client will become your sales partner!

When telling their colleagues and friends about their future home, they will be showing the L-HOUSE report branded with your company name on every page. Impressed by their story and your visual materials, there’s a good chance their friends will also want to come to you for their future home

What sets us apart from our competitors

A high-quality 3D scene, photorealistic and physically correct

Interactive and intuitive nature of the configurator, which allows the client to customize all important aspects of their future home

A detailed, personalized report including PDF presentations, images and cinematic videos of the selected home options to be downloaded or sent by email

High-quality images and video animations in the report

Make the client fall in love with their future home with L-HOUSE from LUNAS!

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