Build your dream auto with
virtual 3D car tuning software

L-DRIVE is a smart and multi-functional interactive vehicle customizer with realistic 3D car model for dealerships.

Treat your potential clients to the best service possible, using L-DRIVE virtual 3D car configurator.
Let petrolheads design the vehicle of their dream real time in a matter of a few finger snaps.

Revolutionize conventional car sales

Build up stronger customer relations

Increase number of vehicles sold

Research shows, that the usage of 3D modelling and 360° view technology in visual product presentation increases user engagement and a sale probability by 36% as it evokes past experience, memories and feelings of consumers and provides a positive sensory experience. A highly interactive 3D model has a significant impact on consumers’ decision confidence and attitude formation toward the object.

Based on Unreal Engine – leading game engine in the industry, L-DRIVE interactive 3D car customizer provides seamless and highly engaging user experience for the client.

Compared to ordinary car sales, when a dealership manager offers to look through the weighty catalogue of various color options on the basis of one vehicle model and choose extra accessories out of thin air, it feels like buying a suit without trying it on.

Sell the vehicle, which you don’t currently have in stock and maybe will never do. But will certainly develop tailored to the customer’s wishes – every imaginable combination of car body, wheels, interior finishes that no printed leaflets or ready-made renders can foresee — all in one place.

L-DRIVE Application Features:​

  • Design the car with main finish and accessories
  • Examine the vehicle in fly-around mode
  • Assess the auto in various exterior settings (sales center, downtown, suburbs, rural areas) and weather conditions (sun, overcast, rain)​
  • Observe the customized automobile in motion​
  • Open and close all doors, hood and trunk​
  • Examine virtual car’s insides in X-Ray mode​
  • Email photos of the outcome vehicle taken from any desired angle​
3D car customizer application offers advanced functionality to configure any make of vehicle

The virtual car tuning application is presented on branded high-definition 55″ touchscreen display. Run the customizer not only at the car dealership, but also in malls and public spaces – any area with a heavy flow of potential clients you’d like to set it in.

Car tuning interactive application displayed on touchscreen monitor in shopping mall public area

Special offer for dealership:​

  • All 3D car models developed for L-DRIVE customizer
  • Annual update of all the vehicle 3D models if new ones appear
  • Maintenance service
  • Free of charge onboarding

The 3D interactive virtual car configurator L-DRIVE will undoubtedly provide a competitive advantage in the era, when car dealerships offer similar deals and can really compete only in customer service.

The absolute majority of them use old-fashioned and technologically outdated solutions to present the product and engage the user, like 2D car customizers with limited functionality.

Car customizing software special offer for dealership

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