Virtual 3D Product Configuration Software​

Showcase furniture with interactive
3D product customizer.​

L-ROOM is a bang-up-to-date visual 3D product configurator designed by Lunas studio from scratch geared to present and sell furnishings in a more efficient way.

The highly productive application presents room items and interior decoration products in various modifications, materials and colors.

It is a perfect marketing solution for furniture and lighting fixture makers, decor item and finishing material manufacturers and other related businesses.

L-ROOM software has gained worldwide recognition being featured as a finalist of
the CGarchitect Firm Awards 2020 in the category Interactive/AR/VR/Emerging Technologies

L-Room furniture configuration software presents an extensive variety of products in all possible modifications, materials, colors, and textures.

Furniture Configuration

Try out various finishes, colors and tints, fabrics, upholsteries of soft and modular furniture, kitchen units, bedroom and living room furniture, sanitaryware, office furniture, etc.​

Lighting Customization

Lighting fixtures with various light patterns: ceiling-mounted fixtures, pendants, recessed lighting, track lighting and spotlights, wall sconces, that you can dim, turn on and off.​

Wall and Floor Coverings

Make a perfect choice between multiple flooring textures, paint, wood, stone, wallpapers, tiles, PVC, linoleum, terrazzo and carpet variations.

Interior Decor Accessories

See what decor accessories best fit in the interior: curtains, cushions, tablecloths, decorative craft products, paintings, plants, and many more.

Infinite Product Customization Possibilities​

The virtual 3D product customizer helps clients to see all the options available in stock in true-to-life conditions. It greatly facilitates decision making as clients explore the items in the realistically rendered interior. The products can be demonstrated separately or in groups making up a furniture collection on touchscreen display and your mobile gadget.

The number of presented items and their options are only limited to your needs and doesn’t affect the smoothness of the presentation. L-ROOM is a perfect addition to L-Touch real estate presentation software: the application has it all to become a trump card for developers and construction companies to play in the property market.

A modern interactive touchscreen displaying a yellow singe cushion sofa in the dark studio lighting and a toolbar that shows possible modes to apply for e-commerce business or online shop

Great Addition to Your eCommerce Business​​

L-ROOM is not only an innovative sales solution that may help furnishings producers stand out of the rest of market players, but also is commercially viable as the manufacturers will be no more limited to the size of their showrooms: all the products can be demonstrated in various color/material patterns on just one screen.

Use visually powerful product customizer L-ROOM as a content-making tool to render photo-realistic images and animation videos with the chosen pieces from different angles directly in the software. Get an opportunity to create high-quality content with various product combinations limited only to the number of options you have in stock making it a perfect addition to e-commerce and marketing materials.

Furniture Configuration Interface

L-ROOM furniture configuration software has a 100% user-friendly and intuitive interface that requires no special skills to navigate.
All the features are fully customizable and can be adjusted to your needs and target audience.


Click on the product and rotate the camera freely right and left, up and down to see how it looks from different angles. Rotating makes it possible to obtain a full picture of how the furnishings will look like in the interior. Due to the full immersion effect, this process feels as natural as if you saw the item in real life.
Explore kashmir cognac sofa with one large flat cushion of the same color on the left rendered in the light interior with the help of computer graphics

Virtual Customizer L-ROOM for Modular Homes

This multi-functional 3D configuration tool is not limited to only furniture and product presentation. Modular construction companies can make great use of it by customizing homes exteriors and interiors on the go while showcasing their constructions in real surroundings from any angle.

Present available home design options by switching between different facade and roof cladding. Customize the interiors by changing furniture sets, trying on numerous wall and floor finishes. Explore how modular homes will fit into the environment such as a pine forest or a mountain grassland. For all the presented variations of your design, you can get limitless high-quality images and cinematic videos from the artistic angles already preset in the software. All you have to do is just configure your home inside and out and let the cameras work their magic – hi-res visual content for your marketing needs is in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About
L-ROOM Software

How much does L-ROOM product configuration software cost?

The price corresponds to the project complexity and scope of work to be done and is defined at the project initial stage.

What hardware is required to run the application?

L-ROOM is a desktop application and it should be run on a gaming computer with the following specifications: processor – Intel Core i9-9900, memory – 32GB DDR4, graphics card – GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Is the program compatible with all the devices?

Currently, we’re reviewing the possibility to port the software to mobile gadgets. However, the model we’re currently running on a personal computer with a multi-touch display is rather heavy, requiring a powerful video card to support it. The application can be run on every powerful portable device with the corresponding hardware.

Does the web version of L-ROOM software exist?

Remote access to L-ROOM can be enabled with the help of Pixel Streaming. In this case, you can access the application by a standard website link.

What file format and resolution are the screenshots?

The screenshots are sent as .jpg files in 4k resolution to the indicated email.

Is it possible to set up some specific camera angles to switch between?

Sure, you can explore your product by rotating it 360 degrees or switching between the preset cameras – we expect you to specify this at the project initial stage.

Is it possible to run several L-ROOM projects at the same time?

You can run an unlimited number of L-ROOM projects from one device separately, but not simultaneously.

What about the tech support and software updates if Lunas goes out of business?

There’s nothing to worry about! Lunas is an internationally known company, successfully operating for the last 6 years, Moreover we’ve been a Canadian corporation for the last 4 years and we are definitely not going to go out of business. However, if you wish to be on the safe side, we can always negotiate teaching your crew how to update the software at an additional fee.

Buying your software seems like a big investment for us – will it pay off?

The value of the software is surely much more than the cost itself – imagine having a need to produce hundreds of renders – with an average price of 500-1000$ around the world. And top it up with some videos which are even more expensive than that – the cost of such package is already skyrocketing. But with L-ROOM being even cheaper than that you are free to create and recreate the images and videos at your wish – as many as desired. Sprinkle it up with some wonderful additional features and you’ll be sure to make your every penny worth when investing in L-ROOM.

L-ROOM product customizer use case

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