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Interactive product configurator for Luke Lamp lighting manufacture

The way of shopping is changing. From in-store purchases we moved on to online purchases. With the rapid development of new E-commerce technologies, current customer experience has evolved even more. Over the last few years, the need for consumers to access products from the convenience of the home through computers and mobile devices has exponentially increased and become the new normal. There’s no doubt how much the E-commerce industry authority has grown during and post the pandemic as well. And now, the online retail sector is destined to be transformed by a new technology: 3D product visualization and configuration. 

3D product visualization and configuration in E-commerce

Most online buyers base their choices on graphical representation of the products. 67% of consumers say high-quality visual content is more important than product description or customer ratings. For many years, traditional photography has been the go-to method for product visualization. However, over time, all the process inefficiencies became obvious: organizing product photoshoots, manufacturing, transportation costs for the physical sample of the furniture item, errors as a result of manual data entry, and managing, storing, and repurposing assets. 

As a result, technology-oriented businesses opted for 3D rendering technologies as a new way of presentation to create an engaging customer experience. A user-friendly software interface, customization, and real-time virtual try-on are some of the valuable advantages of using 3D visualization and configuration technology to improve E-commerce conversion rates and customer retention.

High-quality 3D images turn online shopping into a gamified environment with the ability to see products around in full 360-degree spin, play with different configurations, zoom in to scrutinize details like fabric and texture, and place a 3D object in the space to see how it fits in. Customers are offered with an immersive on-line shopping experience that answers all their questions which can essentially be a crucial decision-making factor. Not only do consumers love interacting with 3D representations of their purchase, but also retailers that incorporate them on their product pages will notice quantitative benefits.

3D product configurator for high-end lighting design studio

Over recent years Lunas 3D Visualization Studio has been actively developing interactive presentation and configuration products based on Unreal Engine, the world’s most advanced gaming software for unrivaled visuals and immersive experiences. Our virtual showroom and product customizer L-ROOM already gained recognition with large-scale manufacturers from Canada, UAE, and India, including companies like Lacanche Ranges, Thermoform Kitchens, Hilltop Stone Surfaces, D’Decor Home Fabrics.

Our next L-ROOM collaboration succeeded with Luke Lamp Co., a high-end lighting design and manufacturing studio based in Mamaroneck, NY. The key feature of all lamps by this manufacturer is the luminous flexible LED rope, and the products themselves come in a large number of styles and sizes variations. 

Many product permutations presented challenges for photography and documentation. Before L-ROOM, the company would most likely photograph a limited number of fixtures, which potentially prolonged the product release timeframe. Contacting our creative team initially, the client requested a still product rendering of one of their lamps to consider 3D as a substitute visual tool for the website catalog. Impressed by the quality and realism of details made possible with the latest Unreal Engine technology, he eventually opted for a more complex interactive solution to cater to his needs.

Real Luke Lamp fixtures product photos compared to 3D models created with Unreal Engine

Product photos

LED lamp photo on grey background

3D renders

LED lamp 3D rendering made in Unreal Engine

The final product for Luke Lamp Co. took the form of a virtual 3D product configurator demonstrating all types of lamps – chandeliers, sconces, pendants, tracer loop, table & floor lamps – in different backgrounds, turned on and off, shown from various cameras and observation modes with all possible finishes applied.

Overview of the key functionality of the lamp configurator 

As the client mentioned in his feedback, L-Room is very intuitive and straightforward to use, allowing the user to configure every aspect of the product presentation in simple steps:

  • Choose model
  • Choose background
  • Choose camera
  • Choose finish
Choose lamp model

The most important necessity addressed by the interactive 3D product configurator was the easy and quick imagery generation for light fixtures that were previously tricky to assemble and photograph, and therefore Luke Lamp Co. was able to bring their products to market more quickly and effectively. 

3D visuals generated from L-ROOM product configurator for Luke Lamp fixtures

In addition to configuring a large number of lamp fixtures, the client had the full command of the creation of high-quality visual content for their website catalog, marketing materials or social media. 3D renderings and cinematic animations of pre-configured lamp products can be generated on the go and in bulk to present each model in every possible variation.

Cinematic video presenting Luke Lamp products in a modern interior

Interactive product visualization technologies with Lunas

Understanding how successful E-commerce businesses make use of 3D visualization technologies and the latest trends will enable your product presentations to be more convincing, help you streamline product customizations, and increase customer retention.

Digitizing your brand and marketing strategies through 3D visualization and virtual reality can help grow your online business and position your brand to the next level.

Lunas has an extensive expertise in interactive product presentation technologies, including 3D modeling and visualization, 3D rendering and animation services, virtual product configurator and marketing tools. Learn more about our interactive solutions for product manufacturers and contact us now.