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Real estate presentation of Le Gabriel residential complex with online version


  • Client: Groupe Gabriel
  • Domain: Luxury residential property developer
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Main task: Apartment rental before property build completion, quick access to full information on suites and the housing complex in general, both from the sales office and remotely. Promoting developer image as eager to innovate not only in the aspect of construction, but also working with the client.
  • Realization time: 4 months

Today, real estate agents are facing new challenges. Reality equals speed, so you have to change gears faster than usual to keep up with new market rules and ever changing life conditions. Lunas offers innovative software solutions for presenting marketing data on residential and commercial property in a more profitable and convenient way.

L-TOUCH interactive presentation software is an innovative solution for the online and offline real estate marketing aimed at potential property owners, regardless of the current status of the development. The program allows potential buyers to fully get acquainted with the future residence and choose an appropriate apartment based on relevant criteria.

L-TOUCH platform features a photo real 3D model of the development, that conveniently stores and employs various real estate marketing materials. What is especially important, thanks to the detailed virtual tours built into the application, the tenant can visit the future housing, long before the building process is completed.

Marketing Tools for Le Gabrieal Urban Complex

Groupe Gabriel is a group of multi-vector associations. For more than 30 years, the Gabriel Group has specialized in construction of luxury real estate in Montreal, Canada. The group’s residential and commercial buildings have always been known for their avant-garde style and high architectural standards. The Gabriel Group also encompasses 25 car dealerships in the Montreal Metropolitan area.

Le Gabriel is a new project for the construction of luxury rental condominiums in the center of Montreal. This 13-storey residential building has 95 residencies with the best conditions for a comfortable life: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and penthouses, luxury finishes, balconies with open views in each flat, concierge service, 24/7 security service and a wellness center.

The first floor of the building will be dedicated to the Groupe Gabriel car dealership.

For the new ultra-modern urban complex, the developer was looking for a leading-edge solution to modernize and structure the process of real estate marketing at sales pitches with potential tenants, as well as give an impetus to online sales and take them to a whole new level of experience.

3D street view of the Le Gabriel residential complex
Luxury residential complex Le Gabriel, Montreal, Canada © 3D rendering by Lunas studio

To solve both problems, two interactive L-TOUCH presentation versions were implemented:

  1. The first is installed on the touch screen in the sales office and contains a photo realistic 3D model of the housing complex, all marketing data on property, as well as virtual tours to conduct a full tour of the condos and other premises of the complex.
  2. The second is online version of the presentation with all the same functionality built into the website on the urban complex and is available for customers 24/7 for an independent study in a pleasant and simple interface.

Interactive Presentation for Touchscreen Displays

The desktop presentation option is installed in the sales department and is displayed on a touch screen. Slightly tapping on the screen, the consumer can move around the building and approach it to view the building and the surrounding area. Via the menu section one can find the full information about the property and choose an apartment upon an individual request. 

In order to introduce the client to the future real estate, we recreated the exterior appearance of a high-rise building in the actual city environment in a photorealistic way, as well as implemented detailed 360 tours for visiting flats and public spaces of the housing complex.

A potential tenant can see the future house from all sides in a realistically recreated context of a large city both in day and night settings.

general view of a residential complex in montreal during the dayview of the residential complex at night with city street illumination

Thanks to the dynamic search filters, you can quickly and easily select housing according to individual parameters: choose the number of bedrooms, the floor, the side on which the windows will look out on, outline the budget and the desired square footage.

When selecting, the condos corresponding to the set parameters are highlighted in the 3D model of the building. By clicking on a certain floor, you can see the horizontal section and how the rooms are located.

Apartment card and filter options of L-ROOM interface

Suitable options are presented in a list mode for easy comparison.

Full apartments list available in residential complex Le Gabriel

Interactive presentation empowers collection of chosen apartments in the “Favorites” section. It is easy to return to the selection to deliberate and make a decision on the flat of your dreams.

All data is directly linked to the CRM system for tracking the lists of available property in real time.

List of apartments connected with real estate CRM system, L-TOUCH presentation software interface

Not even the most detailed description can compare with the opportunity to actually see the housing. For the sales to begin even before the development is complete, and surely before finishing works and interior design processes, our specialists have integrated a gallery into the interactive presentation, which offers detailed realistic tours of the condos and common areas of the new urban complex. 

In the virtual tours gallery, strolling the space room by room, you can see the view from the window of the future housing, try out the furniture, household appliances and lighting of the flats. Meticulous detailing immerses you in the atmosphere and comfort of a prestigious tastefully decorated furnished residence, embodying elegance and practicality for living in a big city.

Virtual gallery of apartment in L-TOUCH application
Communal facilities virtual gallery

Le Gabriel Residence is located in a unique area of Montreal, within walking distance to the most fashionable boutiques and fine dining restaurants, as well as Concordia University and LaSalle College.

Montreal surroundings with Le Gabriel urban complex

In the “surroundings” section, the buyer can not only evaluate a residential building in its existing environment, but also get acquainted with the infrastructure of the adjacent area in advance: find the right transport links, assess the proximity of important places, such as educational and medical institutions, shops and recreation parks.

On-line Real Estate Interactive Presentation

The year 2020 has made significant adjustments to the terms of communication with the consumer and the process of property marketing and renting it out. In order for the client to have full access to all the useful information and advertising materials of the complex, we have built a web version of l-touch into the project site. It almost completely duplicates the functionality of the touch panel presentation in the sales office, making it possible to meet with a potential tenant remotely, and for the buyer to look through and choose real estate independently.

In the interactive window below you can try out the software yourself: rotate the model, explore the menu and understand the functionality of the web version.

The application’s online version is reachable on any mobile device: a home PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. No need to purchase special equipment for it, all is displayed in any browser when you open the site. Tooltips help the user quickly understand how the application works. Such a solution featured on the real estate website is absolutely innovative on the market and undoubtedly adds status to the construction project.

We, like our customers, try to keep pace with the changing world, accepting new difficulties as new challenges that only make us and our products stronger. The L-TOUCH tool made it possible to look at the choice of propertry from a new perspective: all the necessary materials are presented on one screen. The desktop version produces a wow effect on the consumer when presented in the sales office, and the web version on the website remains always open for potential tenants who want to think independently about choosing the most suitable apartment for themselves. The new marketing platform from Lunas for the le Gabriel project helps the customer to move to a new level of communication with the target audience and speed up the sales process – tenants are noticeably faster to decide on transactions starting from the earliest stages of construction.