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Architectural visualization of residential development project Havenkade, Nijmegen

Havenkade high-rise residential complex project

  • Client: Bouwfonds Property Development, JURY! Architecture
  • Domain: European leading high-end residential developer
  • Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Main task: to cater to the customer needs for numerous visual materials targeted at project submission, marketing and property presales – from exterior & interior visualization and panoramic 360-views to animated fly-through video.

We are proud to share one of our prominent visualization projects entirely produced in 3DsMax and Corona for the highest residential development in Nijmegen that very soon will reshape the city skyline becoming its striking landmark.

The future iconic complex consisting of two residential towers and an apartment block is part of the extensive reimagining of the Waal Harbour, at the very heart of the city.

We were tasked to create the series of architectural renderings that precisely depicts how the project will integrate and complement the existing riverside development. As well as emphasize the experience of future tenants and the social focus of public amenities.

To add emotional value to client marketing materials and tell the Havenkade story through animation, we engaged full potential of Corona with 3DsMax for the 3D fly-through exploring the sights to be constructed and exclusive penthouse interiors closing on a potent night view over the river harbor.

Additionally to 3D still images and animated video, 360 panoramic views of the project exteriors and interiors were produced for the client’s own web home configurator and are already of great service for early property buyers searching for the perfect apartment.

On the occasion of the complete construction of the highest point of Havenkade, the 70 meters residential tower, a light show was organized to mark this special moment not only for everyone involved in the project, but even for the entire city; after all, the Nijmegen skyline is a new icon richer. To attract maximum local media coverage to this significant event we created yet another 3D visual of the glorious opening of the Havenkade residential complex.

Architectural visualization of an urban complex with spectators enjoying the light show on the facade of the highest tower from a river bank
Havenkade urban complex with spectators enjoying the light show

It is always heartwarming to keep up with how the architectural projects that we visualized at various stages of development evolve in reality and elevate the quality of life of the local community.