Architectural visualization of residential development in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

3D architectural visualization of the residential development in the heart of Nijmegen, The Netherlands created for the JURY! Architecture. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, more than 2000 years in existence, yet very modern and open-minded to new proposals. Thus, our main goal was to portray the future development in the best light possible, to ensure that the residential complex will become an irreplaceable pearl in the old city’s necklace. The new development, skillfully illustrated in the renderings, consists of multiple low-storey social housings with one major eye-catcher – the highest tower of over 70 meters at the head of the project. With its special design, it has all the capabilities to become a striking landmark of the city. The tower also has its entrance directly on the dike. The lower-lying houses mainly look out over the harbor, while the houses higher up also have a wide view of the Waal – the defining river of the whole district. Making the architectural renders for a cycling country, we couldn’t have ignored the beauty of accessible bike-sharing. This positioning not only facilitates bicycle use but also ensures liveliness and social meetings.