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Lunas Celebrating New Year 2018

Breaking news, latest new year news!

As you are so far away, we would like to be closer to you.

At the stroke of midnight, we came up with an idea to launch a blog where we would tell you about our visualization company and its team life, share news and funny stories.

Christmas lights in Lunas 3D Visualization office
As party unwraps, Christmas lights begin to shine on

Even now, when new-year celebrations are already left behind, some remainders are still in the air… Or in your homes. You still haven’t put away the Christmas tree, have you? What? You have? Did you know that in our country holiday decorations are still twinkling until January, 13th? And did you know that in some apartments they remain up to spring, that begins on the 1st and not on the 21st of March? There are so many differences between us, that’s why it would be interesting to get to know each other better, wouldn’t it?

bartender pours champagne in New Year glasses of the company's employees
Last instants before the start of celebrations

For this very reason, we would like to start our blog with an amusing post about New Year celebration in our company to show you in an informal way not just photos on the website, but human beings behind them for whom their seriousness and professionalism are not obstacles to have fun and enjoy life!

So let our story begin.

While we were writing the last e-mails, delivering last renders and turning on autoreplies in our e-mail boxes, tables were being covered with dishes and decorations, Christmas lights were being switched on, and the office began filling with flavors of the holiday to come. Suddenly, the silence was broken with a loud «Ho-ho-ho! » and a huge Santa-Claus appeared out of nowhere!

Astonished 3D artists and managers of Lunas Visualization
Nobody expected Santa to show up, which made the surprise even better

Accompanied by laughs and bewildered stares, he aligned us like children in kindergarten during a children’s matinee to make us laugh like him and even recite poems!

Project managers and CG artists dancing
Visualization is not the only thing we’re good at – come try us on the dancefloor

Then there were funny games, jokes, dances and, of course, presents!

3D artists horse riding at the new year office party
We had to raise our game to earn a present

Presents from Santa for mature and serious people :-)

CG artists and managers team of Lunas with Santa Clause
With presents at hand who could be unhappy?

When Santa disappeared in the same unexpected way, we put on our T-shirts with Lunas logo and started our unforgettable New Year celebration, which came to an end way past midnight…

A cheerful team of 3D artists, project managers and chief officers in special Lunas T-shirts during corporate New year celebrations
As soon as Santa disappeared, the fastest guys from our team dressed up new corporate T-shirts to continue our happy New Year celebrations
Laugh, happiness and great mood are components of the new year party in 3D visualization company’s office
A wonderful holiday spirit in our Minsk Office
company employees dancing in the office during the New Year party
Holidays create a magical feeling of unity, where everyone is a part of a single whole. We can not only create a high-end 3D-visualization, but have fast and furious fun!

You know, events like this really bring people together. Everyone felt as a part of a big and united team, where together we are doing one very important thing: we make unreal real.

Lunas logo projection on the wall with help of mobile phone. 3D-visualization company making unreal real
Lunas is a team which makes unreal real!

It goes without saying that our team exists to make real not just any ideas, but your ideas, our dear clients and colleagues. That’s why let us seize the moment and wish you a happy New Year 2018! We wish you a lot of inspiration and prosperity, professional success, peace and harmony to your home.
We believe that 2018 will bring us a lot of opportunities to work together on interesting projects and to know each other better!