Lunas studio celebrates its 6 anniversary

Lunas Studio Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

It’s this time of the year again! No, not the fast-approaching holidays, it’s Lunas’ Birthday! On the 7th of December, we have yet again celebrated the date our close-knit team of professionals and great friends came together. Looking back on all that has been, we can’t be more thankful for these wonderful 6 years: a

Lunas studio wins Iconic Awards international competition

Lunas Wins ICONIC AWARDS International Architecture and Design Competition

There are plenty of specialized architectural 3D visualization and innovation competitions that we took part in over the years. Among our favorites are CG Architect, Architizer, SBID – we pride ourselves on being listed as finalists in many of them. But this year we have expanded our horizons – ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture has been

SBID Awards 2021 finalist

Lunas Studio is SBID International Design Awards Finalist

Time flies! Especially the past couple of years feel like a few months, rather than thousands of days. We remember as if it was yesterday, how we applied for the previous SBID awards – full of hope and desire to show our beautiful works to the world. Here we go again this year – the

Lunas Visualization Company is Best Rendering Studio Finalist in A+Firm Awards Architizer 2020

Best Rendering Studio Finalist in Architizer A+Firm Awards 2020

2020 is back! No worries – only with some news. And exciting ones we must admit! Just yesterday we received the uplifting message: from myriad of our close colleagues we have been selected Finalists of the A+Firm Awards 2020 by Architizer which brings us great joy of being recognized in such a competitive field. The

Lunas Visualization Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

High Five to the Moon and back! A small, yet important anniversary to celebrate — 5 years of Lunas Visualization studio! 5 years on the market delivering the best services tailored to suit the needs of even the pickiest customers; More than 500.000 hours spent visualizing your boldest ideas into unbelievably realistic imagery; 182 happy

Lunas studio is a finalist in Architizer A+Awards architectural visualization competition with conceptual residential project

Conceptual Residential Projects Finalist in Architizer A+Awards

Big cities – you can either love them or hate them, but you can’t stay indifferent to the whirlpool of colors, people, emotions, affairs. Lunas’ senior CG artists – Dima Yancevich and Dima Shuganov have always been inspired by the Eastern culture – indigenous and extremely vibrant. “It can’t but amaze and inspire you. Tokyo

Man interacts with real estate presentation on a touch screen

Advanced Streaming Technology to Increase On-Line Property Sales

These tough times that we are all going through now made many businesses wonder how to stay afloat. In particular, for real estate companies quarantine regulations present a major bump. Social distancing made the conventional client – manager interaction more challenging. But even more than that, it became almost impossible to visit a sales office

Minimalism and white shades aesthetic of 3D rendered interior is so welcoming and soothing. It lures you to go further through the portal and make yourself comfortable on the mustard yellow chilling sofa.

3D Visual Solutions to Boost Real Estate Marketing

What makes a win-win marketing strategy in real estate? A question being asked by those striving to deliver the best 3D rendering services possible. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, just a little CG magic beyond all doubt will turn the situation to your advantage. Albeit there are no spells to create something that

Dmitriy Yancevich's desktop computer

Lunas Tips on How to Be Your Best Remote Self

Remote workers unite! Being in that same hoodie, having your fridge literally within your arm’s reach and enjoying that unbelievably warm April weather from the inside can be a bit overwhelming. However, we are here to share with you some tips that can boost your WFH experience and help you fend off the mopes. Grab

Lunas Smart Guide to Teleworking

Being a global provider of visualization services which means engaging with clients from across the globe on-line, we were luckily prepared to the global call to working remotely to protect the team. It took just a few tweaks to our inner processes to make this shift seamless, so here is a round-up on what helped

Lunas booth with running 3D architectural presentation on interactive touchscreen

L-Touch Architectural 3D Presentation Software at MIPIM Proptech Paris 2019

Paris, je t’aime. French capital has always been a dream for many romantic personas, nurtured by an abundance of movies starring Paris, thus deeply rooting in people’s minds as the city of art, culture, fashion, scrumptious food and home of the Eiffel tower. But once in a year this special place attracts thousands of developers,

Lunas studio presents real estate software for touchscreen displays and video walls at PropTech Europe 2019

Lunas Introduces Real Estate Application Marketing Platform

At Lunas we’re keen on exploring. Wanderlust is a fever, that puts all of our team members together. An excitement we really enjoy. Especially when it involves meeting new people and sharing our passion with them. It’s been about 3 months since unforgettable anniversary MIPIM in Cannes and we are already fairsick. That’s why 1-2

Apartment building architectural rendering with high quality Photoshop post-production

CG artist talks about realistic architectural visualization post-production

As soon as the markups are in, no second is lost on the route to the upcoming deadline. Especially when it concerns final 3D render fixes. But no worries – CG artist is a bit of a magician: a couple of Photoshop magic wand waves and a photorealistic visualization with full brushing up is all

Lunas team at MIPIM property show demonstrating VR tours for agents and construction companies

Future of VR Technologies for Real Estate Market at MIPIM

The man has a craving for conquering new worlds. One of them is the virtual reality environment – a computer-generated ambiance giving a feeling of live presence in an artificial 3D dimension. Staying on the other side of the screen involves sight, hearing and touch, affecting your sensations and reactions. A convincing imitation is created

photo of 3D artist Anastasia Petrovskaya

Rendering Software for Architects and Visualizers

What is the best rendering software for creating photo realistic exterior and interior 3D visualization? What differences do the programs have? How to become a successful 3D graphics artist? We will try to answer these questions in the following interview of the posts series dedicated to our team. We decided to go an unusual way

cg artist Eugene Privalov interview portrait

Secrets of Creating Unique Vibes for Architectural Project

Personal profile of Eugene Privalov Age: 24 years old Education: Minsk State Architecture & Construction College, architect Life motto: Nothing and no one can dim the light of the guiding star lit in the sky at the time of your birth Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Hobby: Sports, muay thai. I had been playing music for a

cg artist dmitriy yancevich interview portrait

How 3D Architectural Visualization Artists Work in Team

Personal profile of Dmitriy Yancevich Age: 27 years old Education: Belarusian National Technical University, architect Life motto: Regardless of the job you perform, always do your best Zodiac sign: Pisces Hobby: Sport, reading – the common stuff. I don’t have much spare time Dima, how did you join Lunas? – It doesn’t matter how I

Interactive 3d virtual tour interior rendering of appartment made with Unreal Studio plugin

Interior 3D Walkaround with Unreal Engine

We have tested Unreal Studio plugin’s limits and are ready to share our own experience (spoiler: it’s gorgeous). In this article, we will go through installation and workflow to potential issues you might encounter while working with Unreal Studio.

Photograph of 3D visualization projects manager Katerina Suprun in United Arab Emirates and Dubai

Representing 3D Project Managers Team in Dubai

We continue our post series about our extraordinary team, and today we would like to dwell on Katerina Suprun – project manager and concurrently our representative in the UAE. Her path to the sphere of 3D, observations on job challenges and 3D visualization intricacies in Dubai – in the interview below!

portrait of 3D visualization artist Vasily Gushcha

3D Visualization Has Become My Professional Hobby

The interview with our ingenious 3D visualization expert Vasily Gushcha, who has become one of our very first employees. We discussed his profession and hobbies, travels, future of 3D visualization.

Lunas logo projection on the wall with help of mobile phone. 3D-visualization company making unreal real

Lunas Celebrating New Year 2018

Breaking news, latest new year news! As you are so far away, we would like to be closer to you. At the stroke of midnight, we came up with an idea to launch a blog where we would tell you about our visualization company and its team life, share news and funny stories. Even now,