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Advanced Streaming Technology to Increase On-Line Property Sales

These tough times that we are all going through now made many businesses wonder how to stay afloat. In particular, for real estate companies quarantine regulations present a major bump. Social distancing made the conventional client – manager interaction more challenging. But even more than that, it became almost impossible to visit a sales office or a site, thus leading to a significant drop in commercial or residential property deals.

Man interacts with real estate presentation on a touch screen
Streaming L-Touch presentation on an interactive video-wall in a sales office.

Here at Lunas, we take on a mission to lend our helping hand to clients struggling with getting in tune with the changes by incorporating 3D, VR, and marketing software solutions to their sales processes. One of our recent projects had prompted us to find a way to adjust our renowned L-Touch property sales software to the new Work from Home reality.
Today we would like to share what remained off-screen when solving the pressing issue of our client, high-end residence developer Vesper. After a mandatory lockdown was imposed in Moscow, Vesper had to completely suspend client meetings at their sales office where they had been successfully using L-Touch for interactive touch-screen presentations. With all the sales office staff transitioned to work from home, their accustomed way of selling property was at stake.

Man holding a tablet with visual data in his hands in front of a touch screen and a video-wall
Manager uses a unit search tool during L-Touch presentation via remote access on a tablet

We employed Pixel Streaming technology by Epic Games to enable remote access to L-Touch presentation through a standard website link. As the result, both manager and client are able to navigate over the presentation by just clicking the link in the safety of their own homes.

How does exactly streaming technologies help?

Being reasonably demanding from the point of hardware, the original L-Touch technology requires rather advanced computer characteristics to function smoothly. That’s why it is the streaming server added to the software that enables the on-line sales session to continue at the same level.

Breakdown of the streaming process of real estate presentation by manager from the sales office to computers, tablets and mobile devices of customers
Streaming on-line L-Touch real estate presentation remotely from the sales office to customers’ devices

Both client and manager get good quality streaming regardless of their personal computer power. The only thing they should take care of is decent internet connection. What is more, the manager has full control over the process and doesn’t need to worry about confidential data leakage that may occur when simply sharing the screen instead of streaming visual data.
In this way, streaming L-Touch on-line presentation is a perfectly safe substitute to conventional client-manager interaction in sales offices, as it requires neither physical presence, nor advanced hardware. The Pixel Streaming technology greatly enhances remote trading opportunities: no matter where you and your clients are, you’ll be able to meet in one platform and make the most of its capabilities.