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Lunas Studio is SBID International Design Awards Finalist

Time flies! Especially the past couple of years feel like a few months, rather than thousands of days. We remember as if it was yesterday, how we applied for the previous SBID awards – full of hope and desire to show our beautiful works to the world.

Here we go again this year – the news just came in! We’re shortlisted finalists for the CGI & Visualization category of SBID awards with our Hong Kong Magistrate Courtroom Lounge Interior Refurbishment project.

SBID Awards 2021 finalist

The SBID International Design Awards attracts entries from over 85 countries worldwide, serving to recognize, reward and celebrate design excellence across Interior Design, Product Design and Fit-Out. Showcasing the world’s best talent on its globally respected stage each year, the SBID Awards champions and challenges industry standards – a parallel it shares with its exceptional entrants. Winning a SBID International Design Award signifies outstanding industry achievement, with recognition that is second to none for the deserving winners.

SBID 2021 finalist certificate for Lunas Studio

The project we did with the outstanding Jason Volenec studio couldn’t be a better fit! Jason is the very type of interior designer who can create an impeccable and unforgettable atmosphere in his works. So the main task was to bottle this atmosphere up and store it in a safe interior render space. But surely the realism of the overall scene was not to be disregarded.

The most peculiar thing about the process was that initially we only had the 3D model of the walls provided by the client and nothing else. The rest was up to us to recreate from the references and sketches. It was important to use specific items and furniture in the 3D visual, so moldings, furniture, fixtures and decorative elements were fully modeled from scratch based on the photographs and actual overall dimensions. Moreover, there were no similar objects in any 3D model library, so all the items had to be recreated with thorough attention to detail as they were an integral part of the concept. Grand piano and the vintage jazz microphone, in fact, were the only borrowed things.

Hong Kong Magistrate Courtroom Lounge Interior Refurbishment 3D interior rendering

Every piece of light absorption and scattering, texture mapping, reflection and refraction, shading, surface displacement, etc. in the scene was set up manually by our team, according to the designer’s requirements. To amplify the atmospheric effect in this very unusual and intriguing interior we used volumetric lightning. To rid the space of the feeling of artificiality, we populated it with minor, yet extremely crucial details – like the wooden character, who changes his hiding spot throughout the whole rendering series.

Being in the 3D visualization industry for many years, these are the challenges we love to accept. We surely do enjoy it if the final result not only greatly pleases the client, but also is appreciated by the wider public and the estimated industry professionals. That’s exactly why we need your help!

Each finalist has been evaluated by industry-leading experts for functionality, technical merit, creative delivery and ability to inspire; highlighting the value that expert interior design and specialist craftsmanship can bring to businesses, homes and society as a whole. To complete the final stage of the judging process, the public are now invited to vote for their favorite projects at It’s really easy – you just click the link, press “Vote for this finalist” and type in your name and email.

Every voice counts and we do appreciate hearing out yours!