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Lunas Introduces Real Estate Application Marketing Platform

At Lunas we’re keen on exploring. Wanderlust is a fever, that puts all of our team members together. An excitement we really enjoy. Especially when it involves meeting new people and sharing our passion with them. It’s been about 3 months since unforgettable anniversary MIPIM in Cannes and we are already fairsick. That’s why 1-2 July we’re introducing our newest marketing tool – L-TOUCH virtual tour software for valuation, wholesaling and retailing commercial real estate and residential properties at Proptech Europe in Paris, which unites all major decision makers from city planners to developers, from asset managers to leasing agents.

Lunas studio presents real estate software for touchscreen displays and video walls at PropTech Europe 2019
Lunas presents virtual tour software for interactive touchscreens at PropTech Europe in Paris

The term PropTech describes any technology for the real estate ecosystem. This can span software (property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla are considered proptech applications!), hardware (for example, sensors), materials (for example, there was a recent news item on how special bricks are being developed to act as batteries for solar panels) or manufacturing (3D printing, offsite manufacturing); here – MIPIM PropTech – Europe’s leading proptech fair.

Advisory Council members provide valuable perspectives on the digital transformation in the property industry with this year’s topic being symbiosis of technology and real estate in their aim to create a well-balanced user-friendly environment to meet each and every clients’ needs. That’s why we thought: If it isn’t our place to be, we don’t know what is.

Real Estate Presentation Software Redefined: L-Touch Application

Real estate marketing application shown on big touchscreen display

One of the newest and hottest marketing and presentation technologies that we are bringing to this year’s Proptech is a cutting edge approach to interactive 3D real estate software platform for touchscreen displays – L-Touch. Even more features and much simpler interface to make your buyer’s acquaintance with the potential property as pleasurable as possible. Add a multi-touch screen, interactive table or large format video wall (the bigger, the better) to your sales office and let your clients get absorbed and emotionally attached to their to-be lodging. With a hint of imagination possibilities of such applications can be limitless: besides touchscreen version perfect for P2P sales in the office, portable mobile / tablet real estate software is also in stock to ensure that your residential complex is always in your pocket for all the business meetings and trips. Integrate WebGL interface on your company’s website, or go even further and put the project on a giant video wall display.

Search engine and navigation

The choice of your future apartment has never been that easy: with smart search engine and multiple filters narrow your search based on size, price, room quantity, availability and find the true condo love in a matter of minutes. Call all the layouts and necessary info to the screen, move them around and compare without haste. For those who take a more artistic appeal to choosing, L-TOUCH can offer a more exciting intuitive navigation between tower blocks just by moving your fingers on the touchscreen in 3D environment, rotating and pinch-to-zooming in and out. Choose the side that you would like your flat to look out on: be it a view to the lake or to children’s playground to always keep an eye on your little ones when they’re out. With the time-of-day slider explore which lodging has the sun waking you up early in the morning and which has the most romantic sunsets. As soon as you’re all set with the exact location of your accommodation, cut through the floors to match and decide on your ideal haven.

Amenities assessment

A whole residential complex strikingly realistically built up in 3D from scratch lets you to take an interactive virtual stroll around the neighborhood, assess not only the amenities that the residence has to offer, but the already existing infrastructure. Pick up a category on the highly responsive touchscreen monitor that you’d like to examine: «night life» will highlight all the close-by pubs and clubs, «education» will give access to variety of schools in close proximity, or «sports» will advice on a place to do your morning yoga at.

Real estate CRM integration

Never miss out on the opportunity to catch up with your clientele database and lend a helping hand in the moment of indecisiveness – integrated real estate CRM system will aid in building and later on improving your customer relationships.

Expecting More at PropTech from Lunas

One more inseparable component, strongly tied to our brand-new L°Touch, that we will have on us at the fair, is a well-known, yet, in many ways, still unfamiliar virtual reality. With VR, potential purchasers and tenants can virtually inspect their prospective housing from any corner of the world at any time. This means that the property is available for a visit 24/7, which allows agents and clients to save time and money while boosting efficiency and involvement. Using top-notch HTC Vive Pro helmet in two clicks you can navigate the area and adjust it to your liking: change finishes and pieces of decor on the go – having put so much effort into creating your own dream suite you won’t resist buying an actual one. Furthermore, at our booth you can also take a look at our 3D renders and animation samples – eye-deceiving candy that will make you believe that you are seeing a photo of a stunning peeking into a window of one’s bedroom.

Come find us at StartUp Stand, MIPIM Proptech Europe, Cent Quatre, Paris, 1-2 July and see for yourself: the future is closer than you imagine.