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Conceptual Residential Projects Finalist in Architizer A+Awards

Big cities – you can either love them or hate them, but you can’t stay indifferent to the whirlpool of colors, people, emotions, affairs. Lunas’ senior CG artists – Dima Yancevich and Dima Shuganov have always been inspired by the Eastern culture – indigenous and extremely vibrant.

“It can’t but amaze and inspire you. Tokyo itself is a prodigious city and a vivid example of this world, which is both extremely chaotic and yet compliant with its own unwritten rules. We have tried to convey the atmosphere, which millions of people dive into each and every day. Nevertheless, we wanted to highlight that each person remains a living soul with a distinct personality, own thoughts, feelings and love. And this love is spread not only to the people next to you, but to the city, which accepts you each day for who you truly are”

No ordinary project for Lunas – a true expression of artists’ feelings and thoughts, From Japan to the World residential project has been proudly chosen to represent our company at Architizer’s A+A Awards – the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating best architecture and products. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful architecture in the world and champion those products that are integral to bringing great buildings to life.

Lunas studio is a finalist in Architizer A+Awards architectural visualization competition with conceptual residential project

“As usual, you check twice not to forget something, grab a backpack, close the door, go down the stairs, leave the house and find yourself in total chaos. Streets, houses, people – everything here is intertwined into one continuous stream a part of which you unwittingly become. Mechanically, you walk along the well-known road past storefronts and signboards, old and new buildings, past cross-walks, pillars, garbage cans and countless various destinies that truly make this city alive. We have become complete captives of these roads and sidewalks, drowning in the everyday life routine and tangled in the web of our own thoughts. But sometimes to feel the city you just need to stop and look around. You take a moment and begin to notice what is hidden from other people’s eyes, but is actually right in front of them. You begin to see into the soul of a city built on contrasts, with its own shades and unique character. And in these fractional seconds you really understand what this city means to you and what you become when you are there. Many thoughts and feelings, meetings and stories, relationships and love tie you to this place. And if you are comfortable in this chaos, which tries to completely absorb you day after day, then this is your city. It has accepted you and opened his soul to you, and in return you opened your own.”

This was the message the artists tried to convey in their conceptual architectural renderings – the feeling of adventure you face each day inside your own city. The city, so well-known and yet about to be discovered. Thanks to everyone who shared this vision and voted for our project! Thanks to the Awards committee who have awarded us with a proud “Finalist” name. More exciting projects to come! Stay tuned.