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Exterior Visualization of Hi-Tech Condominium Tower in Tokyo

A concept for the future? Post-apocalyptic town? No, today’s world. Modern cities have grown and developed into one greater force of dehumanization — to live in the craze and not surrender to it has become almost impossible. Millions of identities are amalgamating into one with each upcoming day, like in an old japaneese saying: the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Communal above personal.

In the new 3D architectural rendering project in Tokyo, Japan we have brought the sole human soul and body to the city’s picture, to its foreground. Like nails in the render’s centre, two boys lead the way for your sight to linger on the urban multi-pod residential tower hosting living robots and hybernating humans.

The project has gained recognition on several Awards – it has been announced Architizer A+Awards 2020 finalist in the category Conceptual Residential Project and has been featured as a finalist in the Architizer A+Firm Awards 2020.