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Visualization of «The Water» Exhibition in Cisternerne Art Space

3D renders inspired by a former Dutch water reservoir built in 1856-1859 and the underground art hall Cisternerne. Each year the gallery hosts the new architect and is transformed into a unique art piece, which is more of a space rethinking, rather than an exhibition. The installation which underlies this 3D visualization is called «The Water» by a well-known Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi, who was driven by the forces of nature and strove to restore the former state of the subterranean chambers. That was achieved by leading the sparse natural light from the ceiling openings back to the cave and reflecting it around the dark halls by the use of multiple mirrors. The symbiosis of all the living organisms as well as nature with architecture is emphasized by the low-tech approach to the installation – the architect left the nature to do her own thing, thus populating the reservoir with water, air, sun and moss. The 3D renders convey the atmosphere in the most compelling way: we see water changing to mist, scattered reflections of the light in the water, almost tangible feeling of temperature and humidity inside this cave-like dystopian scenario.