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Family House Near the Lake Visualization

There’s more than meets the eye, when we are talking about the house 3D rendering. Many talk about the accurate architectural concept presentation, disregarding all the key elements to an appealing and convincing outdoor visualization of a building. First and most important is the construction itself. This is the linchpin of an exterior 3D rendering – therefore the model of the desired home should be perfectly modeled. All major (and if possible – minor) details should be treated most seriously. The latest of our architectural house renderings is an elegant three-story cottage on the lakeside, modeled and recreated in 3D with details to the utmost. Lighting set up might be one of the trickiest parts so far – especially when you’re striving to achieve a high level of photographic realism. By playing with various moods, seasons and weather conditions, the artist can greatly change the overall look, creating diametrically opposite results from the same building.

When choosing the right finish and materials, architects might not see the end result and the interplay between the design, surroundings and their chosen variant – that’s when 3D visualization comes in handy, realistically depicting surface texture reaction to outdoor conditions and light. In this very architectural house rendering finishes were chosen to subtly highlight the simple forms of the mansion without overloading it – gentle colors and natural outfit do not try to oppress the surrounding natural landscape, rather harmoniously blending in. By twisting and turning the details in the materials selected, the residence facade you’re working on can achieve any state – from brand new and impeccably clean, to rustle and well lived-in. A cozy family house somewhere in Alaska? Or a haunted house with ghosts crawling from the corners to light? Entourage has it all – with just a couple of strokes a simple front of the house can drastically change from being a safe haven for a family of four, to being a creepy place from Silent Hill.