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Conceptual visualization of geodesic dome houses of Dunya Community

The visualized project is the finalist of 2022 Sustainable Hospitality Challenge that envisions a smart community of geodesic dome houses to be located in Trojena, part of NEOM, an ambitious futuristic architectural development amidst mountains and sand deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Originating its name from Arabic Dunya refering to ‘Life’, and Indonesian Dunia meaning ‘World’, this community concept of geo dome houses is set to redefine the future living. Its spherical structures glazed with energy creating glass, called Dunyas, are designed to unfold from a capsule into a comfortable living place with the use of modular furniture and then to be transported according to seasons. The authors of the dome homes conceived a versatile use for Dunya Community: it could turn into a remote hospitality venture, a residential area, or even a medical relief product. Visual 3D illustrations of geo houses were created to explore how this prospective sustainable and flexible way of living could reshape the sand deserts of Saudi Arabia under active development.