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JennAir Appliances in Kitchen Interior Concepts by Kelly Wearstler

Kitchen interior concept 3D renderings that spotlight the limited-edition range collection crafted by our CG artists in collaboration with JennAir, the luxury kitchen appliance brand, and the interior design trailblazer Kelly Wearstler. Through Kelly Wearstler lens, we visualized a concept of a modern and organic environment that holds luxury and function at its core. The designer drew inspiration from the subdued and smokey tones of the kitchen range and paired them with natural wood and stone textures throughout.

The kitchens are filled with details that essentially accentuate the metal cabinetry and hero-products: from the mixed metals to the earthy and desaturated green hues of the stone. Each element of the concept had its special contribution to the bigger picture, so the creative team of Lunas studio chose Unreal Engine as the main visualization software for this project. This renowned gaming engine allows for the elaborate depiction of textures and details these renderings were all about, as well as for the ease of comparison between material selections.