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Aerial visualization of futuristic residential district by the Red Sea

An aerial visualization of a futuristic high-end residential district concept by the Red Sea can’t help but amaze with its scale to create a feeling of a true paradise. Meticulously visualized high-rise buildings accompanied by a breathtaking water park and vast expanses of greenery lure you to become part of a 3D adventure with a superpower to conjure up a feeling of peace and tranquility.

It seems like each of the hundreds of buildings has been carved by the artist himself with thorough attention to detail and love for his craft. Gigantic water world park, modern cultural hubs, pod-like cafes, tasteful cinemas, thought-out schools and kindergartens, homey apartment blocks – all you might need in your perfect world in one place on Earth.

The neighborhood of the luxurious residencies is green and soothing by day and fascinatingly illuminated and enticing at night. On top of all, the universally appealing marine climate makes you move your house right away just by looking at this visualization. One peculiar feature that the CG artists had to resort to the so-called “cloud generator”, to recreate a world-famous “cloud building” on a Swiss lake in the very heart of the aerial render.