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Interior Concept Visualization of Scottish Pub in South Ayrshire, Scotland

3D interior renderings of a classic pub (hunt club) of Scotland for the Atlanta based design studio 11FiftyNine take the audience on a fascinating voyage into the emblematic features of the Scottish character and style. Comfortable leather armchairs to sink into with a glass of whisky, tartan and hunting trophies stylishly introduced here and there instantly give away the destination of your journey. Dimmed warm lights of the pub in South Ayrshire complement the overall welcoming picture, luring the viewer into the world of strong liquors and sophisticated leisure. Whether you enjoy being alone or in a company, the pub is designed to offer the best solution for any taste. Every scent, every speck of light, every memory are securely stored in this series of 3D images.

This visualization project has been selected SBID International Design Awards finalist in the category «CGI & Visualization». The voting is open and you can support us by following this link.