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The Tallest Skyscraper Architectural 3D Animation

The Tallest Skyscraper Architectural 3D Animation. 3D animation video of a mind-blowing 1300 meters high skyscraper design that is like a rocket ship about to cut through the city skyline and launch into the endless space. Bold, elegant, dynamic yet still a state-of-the-art architectural concept ready to be developed in any place of the world – be it UAE, Hong Kong, Europe, USA, London or China. Accompanied by epic music, the architectural visualization of the business center is depicted in various sun settings in order to reflect how the surfaces will react to different lighting conditions. This contemporary split-volume steel structure will masterfully blend in with the existing urban scenery to become the city’s next better and taller version of Burj Khalifa.

Animated architectural 3D exterior flythrough of a two super-tall split-volume skyscraper towers surrounded by clouds, still image rendering
Still image from skyscraper animated visualization