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Comfortable Bedroom Rendering and VR Tour, Melbourne, Australia

Bedroom is one’s personal space to recover after a long day, meditate and self-reflect. Thus, it should be a place where one feels most comfortable. Serenity, inner peace, mindfulness — the very states we tried to convey in our new bedroom 3D rendering still images and cinematic virtual tour. Crumpled fresh bedding, soft suede bedhead, alluring smoke artwork, kinked slender boughs, intricate brass feature lights — each texture, each item creates its own ambiance, which contributes to the overall placid mood of the apartment located on Leveson Street, North Melbourne, Australia.

Bedroom apartment virtual tour video

In the new cinematic virtual tour of the gray and white bedroom interior, the goal was not only to deliver the photorealistic quality of 3D rendering, but rather to evoke emotions and create an unbreakable bond with the viewer. Looking at this very bedchamber one instantly feels at peace. The color palette of apartment 3D visualization is tranquil and calming. Soft furnishings, such as bedding and carpeting shape the space as downy and cozy. Lighting, both natural and artificial, bands all the details thus playing a big role in harmonious ambiance creation.