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Luxurious Residential Building with KAWS Sculpture, Vancouver, Canada

How many times we were inspired by the works of others and have tried to rethink and bring someone else’s ideas to life in our renderings. That’s why we especially enjoy it when clients come to us excited by our own non-commercial creations made solely for pleasure. This very special project is one of such. Exterior visualization of a luxurious residential building in Vancouver, BC for McKinley Studios aims to convey the very same rainy urban vibe previously articulated in our Tokyo project. That was the moment, when two cities – different in lifestyle and approach, merged into one meta-city.

To distinguish between the two, the «Nemesis» cafe appeared as an identification point. Still, the two architectural projects, as well as the two cities are connected through the KAWS’ gigantic sculptures – «Small Lie» in Vancouver and «Companion» in Tokyo. These gloomy heroes highlight the moodiness of the scene, as well as call upon a dialogue between the city and the citizen. Without reflection, there could be no future for a human being in this huge structure. If you don’t ponder over the things that surround you, the environment gets washed out and you dissolve in thi