3D Visualization Portfolio

Night-time 3D architectural visualization of a theatre building glowing from the inside and casually blended with the cityscape

3D visualization of Théatre du Nouveau Monde renovation proposal, Montreal, Canada

Brazilian apartment interior 3D animated video

Brazilian Apartment Interior Animation

3D animated video of modern kitchen interior

Kitchen Interior 3D Animation

Luxurious Goldfish apartment interior concept animation

Eye-level architectural 3D visualization of London futuristic skyscrapers

Conceptual Architectural Animation of Skyscraper in London

Close-up visualization of a black matte Delta Coranto kitchen faucet on top of a marble sink with a white towel and wooden accessories around

Kitchen and Bath Faucets Collections by Delta

3D architectural aerial visualization of a high-rise condo tower looking down lively streets of Nijmegen

Architectural visualization of residential development in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

3D exterior rendering of a luxurious residential building tower in Vancouver, visualized from human-level during rainy weather, the frontal shot features a woman with a child in a rain poncho, a cafe, and a KAWS sculpture

Luxurious Residential Building with KAWS Sculpture, Vancouver, Canada

Dusk 3D rendering of an off-white renovated building in London lit with floodlights on all levels

Commercial renovated building, London, England

Architectural 3D visualization of a business center patio with several tropical garden islands surrounded by cafes and offices rendered under the open sky in the light of day

3D Visualization of Tropical Garden in Business Center, Perpignan, France

Interior 3D visualization of a boutique office in SoHo, New York City, USA

Interior 3D Visualization of Boutique Office in SoHo, New York

3D visualization of restaurant sunlit terrace and dimmed dining area with accent chairs and wall elements

Visualization of Bodega Negra Restaurant in Doha, Qatar

Aerial architectural 3D visualization of futuristic residential district by the Red Sea in United Arab Emirates

Aerial visualization of futuristic residential district by the Red Sea

Photo realistic render of a red retro van parked next to lounge chairs and a campfire on the beach making it a comfortable place to enjoy the sunset over the ocean

Red vintage Volkswagen van escaping to the ocean sunset beach

3D visualization of a modern show room apartment in New York carried out in black and white color palette with golden accents, with main emphasis on the designer pieces of furniture: sofas, armchairs, cabinets, lighting fixtures

Apartment Showroom Interior Visualization, New York City

Loft apartment 3D animated video created with real-time ray tracing technology pared with Unreal Engine plug-in

Loft-styled Condo Interior Animated with Ray Tracing

Photo real bird-eye view exterior 3D rendering and animation video of big city on island in United Arabian Emirates

Aerial Cityscape Animated Video

3D architectural visualization dusk small house Netherlands

Architectural Visualization of Small House, the Netherlands

Our professional CG artists provide photorealistic architectural 3D rendering solutions for designers, architects and construction companies in Toronto and all over Canada

Architectural Visualization of Expo City Tower 5, Toronto, Canada

Photorealistic interior 3D render of living room with a couch and a small stand to the left and a TV console to the right

3D Rendering of Studio Apartment in Stalinka Building

3D Visualization of Residential House

Our company offers photorealistic architectural and exterior 3D visualization services of buildings and skyscrapers in Tokyo, Japan

Exterior Visualization of Hi-Tech Condominium Tower in Tokyo

Lunas studio creates Lego toy Batman and Joker 3D rendering and high-end animation video

Batman vs. Joker Toys Rendering and Animation Video

Artistic visualization of exhibition «The Water» by Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi in Cisternerne Art Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

Visualization of «The Water» Exhibition in Cisternerne Art Space

Photorealistic house 3D rendering on a chilly winter morning with a dog warming himself on the porch

Family House Near the Lake Visualization

Our 3D visualization studio creates high-quality renderings of skyscrapers and contemporary design towers for architectures and construction companies in USA, Canada, Europe, Arabian Emirates, Japan and Australia

Modern Design Queen Tower Skyscraper Rendering, Toronto

Lunas Visualization studio provides high-end 3D interior rendering services of apartments for design studios, real estate agents and construction companies in Melbourne, Australia

Comfortable Bedroom Rendering and VR Tour, Melbourne, Australia

We offer photo real 3d animation of boats, yachts and ships for maritime industry, shipyards and interior design studios in USA, Great Britain, United Arabian Emirates, Japan and Europe

Speed Boat 3D Animation Video

Our visualization company offers architectural animation and 3D visualization of commercial office buildings, residential blocks and other real estate objects in New York, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, London, UAE

The Tallest Skyscraper Architectural 3D Animation

Lunas visualization studio creates stunning 3D renders of residential complex and villages with apartment blocks and multi-apartment residence in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany

Multi-Apartment Residence in Odeillo Ski Resort, France

3D architectural visualization and exterior rendering of civil buildings and business centers in France by Lunas studio

Architectural 3D Rendering of Business Center in Beziers, France

Lunas 3D visualization studio offers photorealistic architectural and interior 3D rendering solutions in USA and Canada

Exterior Visualization of Townhouse in Dusty Lane, Georgia

Skilled CG artists of our visualization studio creat photorealistic renders of buildings for construction companies and real estate in New York City, USA

Rendering of Apartment Building in New York City

Photorealistic 3D render of a dining room with furniture in marble and wood, a blackened steel staircase to the rooftop in a loft apartment.

Interior Visualization of Loft Apartment in New York

Architectural Visualization of Skyscraper Project in Toronto - Night view

Architectural Visualization of Adelaide Skyscraper, Toronto

3D animation created for our Greek partner to use in a pharmaceutical advertisement. The short animation videos follow the concept of unity with nature.

Trees Animation for Pharmaceutical Advertisement


Architectural Rendering of Residential Complex in Georgia

High quality photorealistic 3D visualization of YS Tower in Toronto, street-level exterior visualization of the building and the neighborhood

Architectural Rendering of YS Tower in Toronto

Architectural Visualization of a «Rusty Moss» carpet and designer furniture in hotel lounge setting

Hotel Lounge Design Concept with Baxter Furniture

Photorealistic exterior render of Georgian ski resort guesthouse from the rear with snowy mountains in the background

Exterior Visualization of Ski Resort Guesthouse, Georgia

Photorealistic architectural rendering of a residential brick building with people standing on terraces and balconies in the evening light

Visualization of Residential Brick Building, Toronto

3D-architectural-visualization-skyscraper-dusk- Front-Street-West Night-view-preview

Architectural Rendering of Skyscraper in Toronto, Canada


Interior Visualization of Suburban House, Saint Petersburg

Photorealistic interior render of a bar with metallic chairs placed between the sofa and the window

Visualization of Loft-Style Interior Design Concept

Photorealistic top-view visualization of dining, cooking and washing areas in the kitchen

3D Interior Visualization of Small Kitchen

Photorealistic 3D render of a loft-style kitchen with wooden furniture, mirror walls and concrete finishing

Interior Visualization Concept of Loft-Style Concrete Kitchen


3D Interior Renders of Modern Apartment

Photorealistic 3D architectural visualization of Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto, aerial view of the complex of urban buildings

Exterior Visualization of Westin Prince Hotel Complex


Exterior Render Of Business Center in Cleveland, USA

High-end exterior rendering of mansion’s porch and balcony with clock in close-up and a green lawn at the side

Residential Visualization of Mansion Exterior Refurbishment


Conceptual Visualization Proposal for CN Tower, Toronto

Architectural 3D rendering a business center with a motor show, a parking lot, and a construction site in the background

Conceptual Architectural Visualization of Business Center

Exterior 3D visualization of a rear facade of a country house with a green lawn and decorative plants with bright skies

3D Exterior Rendering of Countryside Cottage


Exterior Visualization of Industrial Building in Chester

Architectural visualization of ice sports complex in Georgia, 3D front aerial view of the complex of buildings and the surrounding green area.

3D Visualization of Ice Sports Complex for Hockey Club, Georgia

Photorealistic visualization of residential condominium in Paris, 3D exterior render of the front elevation with people, cars, and bicycle parking

Exterior House Rendering of Hermes Condominium in Paris

3D interior rendering of a workspace with desks, chairs, computers, stationery, and reading lights

3D Interior Rendering of Factory Workshop Concept

High quality 3D rendering of five red strawberries and one halved on white background
, photorealistic food visualization

Photorealistic Visualization of Red Strawberries


3D Architectural Visualization of Apartment House in Hollywood

Photorealistic close-up render of a corner of a leather sofa with elements of décor and wrinkles

3D Product Rendering of Jacob Kjaer Leather Sofa


3D Interior Visualization of Hotel Mont Cervin Palace

High quality product visualization of hanging industrial light fixture in metal case from the bottom

Light Fixtures and Lamps Product Rendering

Photorealistic product 3D visualization of Bluetooth speaker control panel in close-up and high-poly model in the background

Akai Bluetooth Speaker Product Rendering

3D product visualization of square transparent glass containers in 3ds Max and Vray with faceted walls in the shades of grey
 for design studios and production companies in USA, Europe, Australia and Japan

Square Glass Containers Product Visualization

Architectural Visualization Portfolio

While looking through company’s 3D architectural visualization portfolio, pay attention to a story that’s hidden behind each image. As a real hi-end rendering first of all appeals to the client’s emotions, giving them a certain viewing experience in parallel with information about the project.

Architectural visualization is intended to show the appearance of buildings, advantageously present the design of facades, quality of finishes and materials, to demonstrate the environment where the construction will be built, to assess the combination of created architectural forms with neighboring developments, how the framework fits into the surrounding landscape, access roads, the adjacent territory, etc. High-quality exterior renderings take into account the lighting effects and weather conditions, traced a unique texture to the project, prepared a set of closeups with exclusive details of the building. A good exterior visualization project includes retouching and post-production.

With Lunas you can be sure each architectural still image will be a work of art appealing to the deepest of senses.

Interior Visualization Portfolio

3D interior visualization gives the opportunity to look behind the curtain to the future, to see the design, which is currently only on the paper. Even the most accurate and professionally made photo compared to a three-dimensional visualization looks a little dull and does not even convey the brightness of shades as a rendering does. 3D image opens up the interior field of possibilities, which can translate even the boldest design ideas into reality.  The trick to a good interior rendering always lies in the details. A couple of fruits lying on a kitchen counter, a speck of duct on the “camera”, a photo of a family pet – all these touches make the space lived-in. That’s why while browsing Lunas company’s 3D rendering portfolio make sure to check the hidden gems we’ve placed in each and every image to make them appealing and memorable.

Product Visualization Portfolio

No company today is keen on idea of losing a competitive advantage on the pre-sale stage due to waiting for the actual product to be manufactured. That’s why product rendering sphere becomes more and more popular. Compared to basic photography, 3D product allows a glimpse inside the marketed item or/ and allows its presentation on any surface, in any surroundings – be it real or 100% made up.

Many of our clients, however were surprised to see product renders in our 3D rendering portfolio. But being an architectural 3D rendering company doesn’t mean we are limited by interior and exterior still images. Our CG artists have many spheres of interest, which allows us to cater to any kind of manufacturer – be it a boat company or a heater producer. Lunas product 3D visualization portfolio features such photo realistic images as faucets, plumbing fixtures, lamps, carpets, furniture, flooring, textile, fruits, electronics – and many other.